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  • Built with Mobile-First Infrastructure that enables you to plan, review, and execute, with or without a data connection
  • Ready for in-flight use with access to your flight plan, weather, charts, procedures, and global position on a high-definition moving map, as well as synthetic vision technology
  • Integrated Flight Plan Briefing and expanded route selections, and the ability to compute all routes – regardless of location – directly from the Maps page
  • Flight plans are run faster than any other provider, maps are rendered without delays, pixelation, or frustration
  • Powerful Flight Planning allows you to run optimized routes based on time, speed, and cost, as well as choose routes from an extensive route catalog
  • Self-Service Functionality allows you to view airport information, vendor information, services, and pricing within the web or mobile app
  • The Route Advisor and Flight Plan Status bar display the cost of all overflight and landing permits for both private and non-scheduled commercial operations
  • The route of flight displays the cost of all overflight and landing permits with the data presented in the Route Advisor and the Flight Plan Status bar
  • Supported by UAS’ team of global operations professionals at our numerous 24/7 offices around the globe

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Regardless of the type of flying or the nature of the operation, whether it be private, commercial, military, or otherwise, flight plan providers are typically not governed or restricted by government mandates or approval processes. No FAA or EASA rules govern or prohibit the use of any computerized flight planning tools. The Pilot-in-Command (and in some cases, the Dispatcher) is responsible for computing and flying accurate flight plans.

In terms of fuel burn and time, the most optimized route is the closest route to a great circle line that is acceptable to Air Traffic Control. Our focus is to provide users with the most optimal routing possible. Our routing algorithms are tried and tested in the most complex airspace environments. In addition, we actively comb through databases around the globe to find the most common routes between any given city pair. With the addition of a route catalog displaying recently cleared routes, customers can use optimized routes, known routes, ATC routes, custom routes, and track routes. We constantly strive to improve our route catalog and as a FlightEvolution® customer, you have access to the UAS Operations teams at your side, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Yes. The iPad version can connect to Microsoft Flight Simulator and to X-Plane, which allows you to get familiar with FlightEvolution® in the convenience and comfort of your home or office. Please contact us for directions on how to set up these platforms.

No. None. Our software is built to harness the power of the web, and let’s face it, downloading and updating complex third-party software almost always results in frustration, and quite frankly, ruins the experience.

Yes. You can uplink via all major datalink providers, including SITA AIRCOM, ARINC GlobaLink, Honeywell GDC, Satcom Direct, Universal Weather & Aviation, and ARINCDirect.

We recommend having an Apple iPad 2 or newer with 16GB or more of available storage. The iPad Pro is ideal. Please note that some iPad models do not have GPS installed; if you want to take advantage of our moving map technology without an internet connection, make sure to purchase an iPad with GPS capabilities.

There is no such compliance, mandate, or rule that governs computerized flight planning software. As such, FlightEvolution® is compliant for unrestricted worldwide use, at the discretion of the Pilot-in-Command. Please see the question.

Yes, it can be, but your aviation authority is most likely going to need to approve it first. FlightEvolution® is a powerful toolset that contains worldwide charting data, approach plates, and a number of other enhanced functions to make flying safer and more rewarding. Most aviation regulatory authorities have a process to certify a non-mounted device as an Electronic Flight Bag. For example, in the U.S., approval can be achieved relatively quickly as long as you follow the procedures listed in FAA 8900.1. Some of the prerequisites include an Operational Suitability Letter from the FAA, Apple iPad rapid decompression test reports, and a number of forms and checklists. All of those things are readily available and easily obtained. Operators flying under the EASA rule set are able to petition for certification of devices in a similar fashion to the FAA, but the rules are significantly different. The regulatory landscape, both in and out of the U.S., is constantly evolving, and rules can be created, amended, and even dismissed. The best way to determine the feasibility of using FlightEvolution as an EFB is to contact your local aviation authority and inquire. Since the program is relatively new, chances are they will not know what FlightEvolution is, or what it does. In those cases, please contact your UAS representative to help you navigate the process. However, one thing to note through all of this: just because it can be certified as a primary tool does not necessarily mean it should be. For most operators, especially in the General Aviation environment, FlightEvolution performs brilliantly as a primary tool. For other operators, it might not be the right choice. Each operation is different, and each regulatory authority is different. Whether FlightEvolution is classified as an EFB or not, it is still an extremely powerful tool that can be used to improve the quality of your flying experience.

FlightEvolution® uses no client-side software or clunky installs. If you have a device that can connect to the internet, you have access to FlightEvolution.

FlightEvolution® was built with a mobile-first infrastructure – meaning we designed the program for mobile devices and then created the web version. This forward-thinking approach has led to a very robust application where most of the key features are available offline. The only thing you truly need a data connection for is to queue your flight plan for filing.

Unfortunately, no. When the iPad was adopted as the aviation tablet of choice by customers and by authorities, we made a conscious decision to focus our efforts on creating the best applications possible for that device.

When you are using the web version, rest assured you will always have the most current version of the platform. Since FlightEvolution® is next-generation cloud based, UAS manages new functionality and delivers the most powerful product to the web. The iPad version will prompt you when new updates are available for download.

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