Five Ways To Get Hired


Five Ways to Get Hired

Omar Hosari | - 02/09/2016
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Executive Insight

Interviews can be daunting experiences, particularly when you really want the job. Here are five easy tips to ensure that you make the best impression possible, and ultimately, get hired.

  1. Be Yourself

There is only one you. Remember that the next time you are anxiously awaiting an interview. It can be tempting to put on an act, to try to become the sort of person you think the employer is looking for. However, this approach never works for a number of reasons. By not being yourself, you are not doing yourself justice. The quality of your past experience and your academic achievements all mean little when presented with a fake personality. Management and Human Resources can identify this straight away. It’s best to let your individuality shine through. This way not only will the employer hire you for you, but you will be assured you’ll get hired by an organization that will complement your values and goals.

  1. Ask Questions

You may be focused on preparing your responses to every conceivable interview question ahead of your interview. However, it is also vital to ask questions. Potential employers are impressed by people who are proactive and assertive. Great references and a good academic record will only get you so far, it’s also important to show the potential employer what you value through questions relating to the role and the organization. It also shows that you take your career moves seriously.

  1. Always Listen

Nerves can effect everyone’s behavior, and sitting across from one or more people you wish to impress can be extremely nerve-wrecking. This effects your concentration and it will be obvious to employers that you aren’t even listening properly. Focus on what exactly you are being asked and take in everything that is being said. Not only will you give better answers, but this will also distract you from your nervousness.

  1. Tell the Truth

It can be tempting to exaggerate your capabilities or previous involvement in certain projects when you really want to impress an interviewer. However, this is a bad idea for a number of reasons. Firstly, industries are often small. The chances of your potential future employer knowing your former employee or colleagues is higher than many people think. Secondly, even if you get hired, it will quickly become clear to your new employer that you were exaggerating your abilities and this will diminish their confidence in you. It could even lead to your termination. Being honest is the best policy, and this includes understating your abilities for fear of being thought of as overly confident. Simply tell it like it is!

  1. Be Friendly

Even the most professional environments cannot function without good communication and interpersonal skills. Smile and use positive body language. We all like to deal with upbeat, friendly people, and this may be the deciding differentiation between you and another candidate in the running.