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UAS TMSevolution is a powerful Trip Management System that gives you real-time access to mission critical information about your trip support requests, anytime, anywhere.

UAS TMSevolution is a web and mobile-based trip planning application that alerts you with instant notifications and updates on all aspects of solution requests made through UAS. The user-friendly application saves you time and gives you greater control over the status of your services, all free of charge.

UAS TMSevolution is part of the UAS Evolution™ suite - a groundbreaking set of aviation solutions designed for specific industry needs. The UAS Evolution technology suite aims to provide the most customized and responsive solutions to clients’ unique requirements, no matter how complex. That’s why we’ve created some of the most sophisticated and user-friendly operational tools on the market.

With UAS TMSevolution you get:
  • Real-time progress tracking of your service requests
  • Instant flight status checks on-demand
  • Updated permit numbers the minute they are obtained
  • Aircraft movement status push notifications to your mobile device
  • Immediate ability to see flight time
  • All handling, fuel, and service confirmations
  • Direct access to all third-party contact information
  • Options to create multiple users to collaborate with team members
  • Easy downloading and emailing of trip briefs
  • Capacity to save all fleet details and documents in one place
  • Detailed inventory of past flights and/or requests