Choosing Effective Leadership


Choosing Effective Leadership

UAS Operations | - 02/03/2016

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”

—Stephen Covey

Are leaders born or are they made? Some great leaders are easily identified while others are recognized for their potential leadership abilities. Both kinds of leaders can sharpen their expertise by making definite daily decisions for successful communication, commitment, adaptability, and confidence. Daily practice of these values makes choosing leadership an ingrained behavior.

Communicate effectively

Leaders who share a clear vision with their team are the ones who see the profit of their objective. Vagueness is all too common in the workplace and by choosing not to define expectations and instructions, you inadvertently lower the standard for success. Conveying the strategy in a way that is both motivating and simple to follow, allows the team to charge toward a goal together with precision and speed.

Commit to the goal

Pledging allegiance to your team and standing behind decisions made toward the common mission is the trademark of leadership based on integrity. With your team’s goal clearly outlined and understood, a leader does not waiver from the course. This commitment to the goal demonstrates a pledge to teammates that you can be counted on as a leader to follow through and stand shoulder to shoulder with your colleagues. The responsibility of a leader is to set the example for commitment.

Adapt your approach

The agile leader is responsive to personal needs and adapts their tailored approach to uniquely motivate those around them. The ability to detect the need to adapt mid-course is easier said than done but once learned and practiced, proves to be a valuable tool. Flexibility in your approach as a leader allows you to adjust the message and inspire each individual uniquely.

Have confidence

Without confidence, there is no leadership. True leaders make confident decisions based on facts and evidence, not emotion. Their confidence can also translate to charisma which compels a team forward in the direction of success. Confident leadership is reassuring to employees and allows them to trust and follow the trajectory of a leader’s vision.

The quest to be a better leader begins anew each day. The decision to lead effectively can significantly change the course of your vision for the better. With these deliberate choices for leadership, the culture of success brands itself naturally.