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UAS International Trip Support was founded by four aviation enthusiasts with a dynamic vision to create a new standard in international trip support solutions provision and to serve places no one had serviced before.

UAS Founders
UAS Founders

In year 2000, Mohammed Husary and Omar Hosari, brothers from a family of pioneers in aviation, teamed up with Mike Mamoun Milli, a long-time advocate of business aviation and Mohsen Felo, a businessman and entrepreneur, to establish UAS International Trip Support and immediately began to anticipate the needs of the aviation industry’s constantly changing demands.

International Footprint

Up until 2015, UAS grew an outstanding global network that includes four continental headquarters in Houston, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, and Dubai, regional offices in the emerging economic epicenters of Lagos, Nairobi, Beijing, and New Delhi, and ground presence in 23 global locations.

UAS’ international team of aviation experts is comprised of more than 50 nationalities speaking more than 42 languages and available 24/7 to provide seamless, end-to-end trip support, executive travel, and charter solutions to the world’s most challenging destinations.

International Footprint

Extending its expertise into the creation of game-changing technology, UAS launched its revolutionary tech suite UAS|evolution™ to respond to the exacting demands of the business aviation industry. The first component isUAS FlightEvolution™, a powerful and intuitive flight planning and weather tool designed on a web and mobileplatform. The entire UAS|evolution suite is specifically designed to answer pilots and dispatchers calls for more powerful, mobile, and user-friendly tools to plan and execute their missions.

New Chapter: UAS and Deer Jet

In 2016, UAS marked a historic milestone when it entered a partnership with Asian premier business aviation group Deer Jet, a subsidiary of the Fortune Global 500 HNA group, to significantly accelerate its growth and expansion plans. The partnership sees both companies benefit from valuable synergies as both dynamic and visionary companies enhance their capabilities significantly to revolutionize international business flight and user experience.

UAS Accolades
Fastest growing company in the Aviation Industry
Institute of Transport Management in the UK (Year 2001)

Ground Support Services of the Year
Aviation Business Awards 2014

Corporate Social Responsibility
Aviation Business Awards 2014

Marketer of the Year
American Marketing Association’s Houston branch 2015

Corporate Social Responsibility
Sapphire Pegasus Award 2016

Omar Husary
Omar Hosari
Hosari先生为UAS的联合创始人兼首席执行官,拥有十年以上的全球性企业创建、管理和开发经验。作为首席执行官,他带领UAS用了13年时间将最初只有几名员工的小公司发展成了办事处遍及世界各地的全球性企业。Hosari先生创建并实施的战略性目标成功地将UAS打造成为国际旅程支援及飞机租用解决方案的行业领导者。作为一个富有企业家精神的商业领袖,他创建并领导了多项成功的商业计划。Hosari先生同时还担任拥有多个子公司的多元化控股集团Husary Group的总裁。此外,Hosari 先生也是公认的公务航空业专家,曾多次接受Business Aviation Magazine、Air Cargo Week及Ground Handling International等杂志的专访。


Mohammed Husary
Mohammed Husary
Husary先生为UAS的联合创始人兼执行总裁。他凭借逾15年的全球业务开发和行政管理经验,带领UAS发展成为一个成功的全球性组织。作为UAS的高层,他负责依照企业的愿景和战略,并根据UAS的“三重底线”商业原则制定组织政策、指令和程序。此外,他还负责开发和监督UAS所有业务增长的长期战略规划。Husary先生在多个盈利和非盈利性部门担任领导职务。他是拥有多个子公司的多元化控股集团Husary Group的董事长。Husary先生的职业背景处处彰显着他对航空业的热情。他是英国皇家航空协会 (Royal Aeronautical Society) 的会员,并于2005年入选名人录历史学会 (Who’s Who historical society) 荣誉会员。



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