DRC Unrest Expected Ahead Of Elections


DRC Unrest Expected Ahead of Elections

Kitumaini Rukiko | - 12/19/2018

DRC Unrest Expected Ahead of Elections: Civil unrest is expected ahead of Presidential elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) getting underway on Sunday, December 23.

The elections will determine the successor to incumbent President Joseph Kabila.

Last week, outbreaks of violence saw some people killed and others injured and more violence is anticipated once polling gets underway. 

The situation has led the American Embassy in DRC to urge all US nationals to leave the country before the elections kick off. 

Operators and visitors to the country are also being cautioned as the situation may affect operations as the CAA, banks, and other government offices could be forced to close. 

UAS’ Station Manager in DRC will keep us updated.