Flight Operations To Thailand


Flight Operations to Thailand

UAS Operations | - 08/29/2023

Flight Operations to Thailand – Nestled in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand embraces both the ultramodern and the traditional. With Cambodia and Laos bordering the country to the east and northeast, Myanmar to the northwest and Malaysia to the south, it boasts generous coastlines on the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. A popular tourist destination, Thailand is renowned for its tropical beaches, rich night life, and ornate Buddhist temples. The capital, Bangkok, with its futuristic city scape and opulent palaces, is also a major Asia Pacific transit hub offering excellent international connectivity. APAC is the largest market for passenger flows to and from Thailand, followed by Europe and the Middle East.   

Flight Operations to Thailand

Thailand boasts a total of 39 airports that offer commercial services, out of which 10 are designated as international airports. The management of 29 airports is overseen by the Department of Airports (DOA), while Airports of Thailand (AOT) handles 6 airports, Bangkok Airways (BA) oversees 3 airports, and the Royal Thai Navy (RTNV) manages 1 airport. The AOT-managed six major international airports serve as the primary entry points for international travelers visiting Thailand, whereas smaller commercial airports may be operated by the DOA or individual airlines. In addition to these, Thailand also possesses military and private airports that fulfill diverse purposes such as facilitating military operations, accommodating private aircraft, and supporting general aviation activities. 

Here’s what operators need to know about flight operations to Thailand.   

Entry airports   

Suvarnabhumi Airport   

Also known unofficially as Bangkok International Airport, Suvarnabhumi is the main international gateway to Bangkok, located 30 kilometers from the city center.  

  • IATA: BKK 
  • Coordinates: 13.6918° N, 100.7500° E 
  • Elevation:  5 ft / 2 m 
  • Fuel:  Jet A1 
  • Operating hours: 24/7 

Visit the official Suvarnabhumi Airport website here.   

Operators’ note: 

VTBS is not a designated airport for GA/BA flight in Bangkok due to congestion in VTBS. CAAT usually does not allow GA/BA flights to operate if pax did not have transferring from/to commercial flights to land in VTBS. For more information, click here 

Don Mueang International Airport  

Considered Asia’s oldest operating airport, located approximately 30 kilometers from Downtown Bangkok.   

  • IATA: DMK  
  • Coordinates: 13.9199° N, 100.6019° E 
  • Elevation:  9 ft / 3 m 
  • Fuel:  Jet A1 and AVGAS  

Visit the official Don Mueang International Airport website here.  

Hat Yai International Airport  

An international airport in southern Thailand located in Songkhla Province near the city of Hat Yai.    

  • IATA: HDY 
  • ICAO: VTSS  
  • Coordinates: 100° 23′ 55″ E, 06° 55′ 46″ N 
  • Elevation:  90 ft / 27 m 
  • Fuel: Jet A-1 and AVGAS 100 LL 
  • Operating hours: 2300-1700z  

Visit the official Hat Yai International Airport website here.  

Flight Operations to Thailand

Samui International Airport   

Also known as Ko Samui Airport, this is a privately owned international airport on the island of Ko Samui.  

  • IATA: USM 
  • Coordinates: 9° 32′ 52″ N, 100° 3′ 44″ E 
  • Elevation:  64 ft / 20 m 
  • 燃料: JET A1
  • Operating hours: 2300-1500z 

For more information on Ko Samui Airport, visit the website here. 

Chiang Rai International Airport 

Located in the city of Chiang Rai in northern Thailand.  

  • IATA: CEI 
  • Coordinates: 19.9543° N, 99.8791° E 
  • Elevation:  1280 ft / 390 m 
  • 燃料: JET A1

Flight Operations to Thailand

Phuket International Airport

  • Coordinates: N08-06.8 / E098-18.6
  • Elevation:  82 ft / 25 m 
  • 燃料: JET A1
  • Operating hours: 0030Z-1630Z

Operational Information  

  • Slots are required. Requests must be sent to slot@caat.or.th  
  • No special authorization is required 
  • Lead time for permit approval is at least 3 working days providing all necessary documentation is provided – apply via the online portal  
  • All ground handling services are available 
  • Parking is available subject to availability and the schedule 


  • Visitors will require visas depending on nationality  
  • E-visas are available  
  • For more information, please visit the official Thailand visa portal here


  • No PCR is required to enter   
  • 入境点不检查疫苗接种情况

Flight Operations to Thailand

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