European Fuel Uplifts For Commercial Operators


European Fuel Uplifts for Commercial Operators

Robert Brady | - 12/19/2017

European Fuel Uplifts for Commercial Operators: There are several specific steps to follow when arranging fuel uplifts in Europe for commercial category operators. Here is UAS’ best advice to keep in mind whenever you arrange fuel uplifts. 

You must complete each of the following steps in order to ensure minimum risk of billing complications post-flight for fuel uplifts. When you book fuel with UAS, we ensure the following:

  1. The correct flight category is reflected in the fuel uplift request filed with our suppliers.
  2. The supplier is sent a copy of the operators AOC to further to confirm their commercial category status.
  3. Written confirmation is obtained from the supplier stating that the fuel is confirmed and will be invoiced at commercial category rates.
  4. All parties have been briefed on the measures taken.

All of the above steps are important, however, it is also vital to further explain to the client/operator that ultimately the fuel receipt signed by the crew is the most critical part of the fuel uplift process in terms of billing. If the fuel receipt lacks sufficient detail then there is a risk of billing problems. The crew should not sign for the fuel delivery until they are satisfied with the content of the receipt. In Europe, the box AOC Shown or Commercial Category needs to be ticked. The fuel receipt must always correctly reflect the operator’s approved flight category at the time of uplift.

This is vital because the correctly completed delivery receipt is the only means to guarantee accurate billing from suppliers and it is also the most effective means of dealing with billing disputes in the unlikely event they occur.

It is also good practice to follow these steps at all locations worldwide not just in Europe.

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