IBGAA 将把爱尔兰建成 BizAv 英才中心


IBGAA 将爱尔兰打造为 BizAv 高级研究中心

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IBGAA to establish Ireland as BizAv center of excellence – The Irish Business General Aviation Association (IBGAA) was established in 2020 with a mission to advocate for business aviation interests on the island of Ireland and establish Ireland as a center of excellence for business and general aviation, aircraft leasing, charters, and finance.   

Joe Buckley is IBGAA Founding Executive Director.  

What compelled the founding members to establish the IBGAA?  

We wanted to use our collective experience and expertise to shape a sustainable and successful future for business and general aviation in Ireland, one that facilitates the growth and development of our members’ businesses and every sector of the industry.  

What is Ireland’s aviation tradition? 

Over the past century, Ireland has played a key role in aviation innovation. For example, the world’s first Duty Free shop, established at Shannon Airport in 1947. The Guinness Peat Aviation, founded by Tony Ryan in 1975, went on to become the largest aircraft leasing business in the world. Most recently, the world’s first U.S. Customs and Border Protection Preclearance Facility for Business Aviation was established at Shannon Airport in 2010. It has evolved impressively over the past decade to provide significant timesaving and efficiency benefits for the wider industry. Today, Ireland has cemented its position as a key player and top destination for business and general aviation, as well as aircraft leasing and finance.   

What makes Ireland so attractive for business aviation investment? 

As the only English-speaking country remaining in the European Union, Ireland’s low corporate tax rate and many strategically located regional airports offers a multitude of opportunities for growth and investment.  Ireland also provides efficient and hassle-free travel to and from the USA through Shannon Airport’s CBP preclearance services. 

The IBGAA is a member of EBAA and IBAC, why are these partnerships so important?   

Business aviation is currently facing many challenges–particularly in Europe–so it has never been more important that associations who understand the value of business aviation work together to help the industry move forward. “IBGAA is an active member on IBAC’s Governing Board helping to protect and promote business aviation on a global platform”.  

Where does the IBGAA stand on aviation sustainability efforts? 

Improving sustainability practices and raising environmental standards are what will help achieve an industry-wide reduction in carbon emissions. We are driven by an innovative and actionable sustainability strategy that serves the environment as well as our members and the entire business and general aviation community.  

Attracting young talent to careers in business aviation is also high on the IGBAA’s agenda. Why is this?  

It is incredibly important to us to educate young people on the extensive career prospects provided by the business aviation industry. We engage with second and third-level educational institutions throughout the region to showcase the diverse range of career options we can offer. 

What do you think is the most misunderstood thing about business aviation and how do you think this can change?  

Business Aviation’s role as a leader in sustainability when it comes to innovative solutions and new technology. This is not recognized or encouraged by Governments through supportive measures either in legislation or in R&D funding. I think the industry in Europe in particular needs a massive information campaign starting with each country to ensure that decision makers and the media are made aware of the role that the industry plays to support national economies across a whole range of sectors. 

Tell us about the inaugural IBGAA International Business Aviation Conference in November 2022 at the award-winning Adare Manor in County Limerick.  

It was a tremendous success and was well attended by industry experts such as Gulfstream, Rolls Royce, Jet Aviation, Jetcraft, Global Jet Capital, JSSI, Argus, Satcom, Honeywell, IBAC, EBAA, Farnborough Airport, Private Jet Card Comparisons, Irish Airports, as well as tourism interests, charter brokers and operators.  

When is the next IBGAA Conference taking place? 

We are currently preparing for this year’s event on November 1 in Adare. This year’s conference will cover many critical topics such as how new aircraft technology and how innovation drives efficiency and sustainability, opportunities for air charter, and how business aviation can support the tourism sector. Further conference details at www.ibgaa.com 

To find out how joining the Irish Business & General Aviation Association can benefit your business, visit the official website here.

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