International Trip Planning Tips – Part 1


International trip planning tips – part 1

UAS Americas | - 11/03/2020

International trip planning is still tricky as restrictions and travel conditions differ around the globe… Here is some insight into a handful of key business aviation hubs from our UAS Americas team.


  • No entry restrictions, but a 14-day quarantine is in place for travelers arriving from outside of the travel corridor
  • There are separate restrictions for Jersey, Isle of Man, Shetland, and the Orkney Islands
  • Canada, the Netherlands, Estonia, Tunisia, Georgia, and Belgium have been removed from the ‘safe list’
  • The ‘safe list’ is as follows: Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Uruguay
  • China was also approved but will not be included on the formal list until they reciprocate entry with EU visitors


  • There is a new website you can access to answer questions as to the restrictions for entry – please click here
  • Ensure you verify credit, curfews, and customs availability
  • Crew is allowed to enter freely without quarantine requirements, regardless of nationality
  • Be prepared to provide multiple travel docs for the passengers
  • Italy has one of the more strenuous protocols for entry


  • France has begun to ease travel restrictions, adding more countries to their travel corridor
  • France looks at the airport of origin for determining entry, not necessarily the nationalities
  • Crew may operate freely, regardless of nationality
  • Sworn statements and travel certificate docs must be completed by all travelers from outside of the travel corridor
  • PCR tests may be required on arrival or you can provide negative test results taken less than 72 hours prior to arrival
  • The obligation of the test is determined in the country of departure (the USA is included on the list of countries where the PCR is required, either prior to H72 or on arrival)
  • Travel to French Overseas Territories may issue various restrictions. Please check with those countries separately


  • Turkey has now lifted most of its COVID restrictions
  • Travelers from Afghanistan and Bangladesh still not allowed entry
  • PCR tests not required unless the traveler is showing signs. Positive test results will be provided with medical treatment at a facility determined by the Ministry of Health.  If preferred, the traveler may seek medical attention at a private facility in Turkey at their own expense.
  • No specific health documentation required for entry, unless arriving for medical treatment


  • Taiwan has begun to open the borders for foreign nationals, but a special entry permit must be obtained prior to arrival
  • Obtaining permits must be done with a Taiwan representative office overseas, prior to arrival – this is separate from any other PPR/SLOT/permit requirement currently in place
  • All visa waivers suspended at this time
  • Quarantine System for Entry Form required to be submitted prior to arrival
  • All foreign nationals are required to complete a health declaration and present a negative PCR test taken within 3 working days prior to the previous departure
  • A 14-day quarantine required and local officials are very strict on these quarantine procedures
  • Possible jail time could result in non-compliance with these rules
  • Travelers who hold passports from China (PRC) are not permitted to transit Taiwan
  • Many airports have limited ground time, where they were often open H24. Be cognizant of operating hours

Standard COVID-19 entry documents for most countries

  • Public Health Passenger Locator Form
  • Sworn statement
  • International Travel Certificate
  • Taiwan: Special Entry Permit
  • Health Declaration Form

For support with your international trip planning requirements, contact UAS