Istanbul New Airport Set To Open In October


Istanbul New Airport Set to Open in October

Subhi Sendyan | - 09/24/2018

Istanbul New Airport Set to Open in October: Istanbul New Airport (LTFM) is expected to officially open for operations at 2100z on Wednesday, October 31.

Located in the Arnavutköy district on the European side of Istanbul, the new airport is built to accommodate 150 million passengers a year.

Istanbul Atatürk Airport (LTBA) will not be open for any scheduled/unscheduled domestic and international commercial passenger flights after midnight on Tuesday, October 30; commercial airline flights will all operate from LTFM from this date on.

LTBA will remain available for cargo, maintenance, general aviation, air-taxis, business, state aircraft flights and other flights permitted by the Airport Authority.

All business, GA, and private flights will also have the option of operating to LTFM.

In cases of flight connection from business jets to commercial airlines, LTFM airport would be the most suitable.

There will be some limitations during the transfer period with both airports seeing temporary closures and limited capacity.

The airport transfer process will commence on October 30 at 00:00UTC and continue until October 31, 21:00UTC.

Istanbul New Airport 
  • Coordinates: 41°15′39.97″N 28°44′32.54″E
  • Time zone: UTC+3

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