Lubumbashi International Airport FZQA


Lubumbashi International Airport FZQA

Kitumaini Rukiko | - 09/25/2018

Lubumbashi International Airport FZQA: Lubumbashi International Airport, also known as  Luano International, is the main airport serving the DRC’s second largest city.

服务: Lubumbashi, Kinshasa, Goma, Kisangani 国家: DRC 
ICAO: FZQA 国际航空运输协会(IATA): FBM
海拔:  4292 ft /  1,309 m 坐标: S11-35.5/E027-31.8
Approach frequency: 120.70 塔频率: 126.70
AOE: 是的  机场类型: Civil 
时区: UTC +2 接地频率: 116.70
Opening hours: 24/7 Surface: Asphalt 


  • Type of aircraft handled: All types
  • Equipment available: All types
  • Navaid: ILS/DME GPS
  • Runway: 07/25
  • Fire category: 8
  • Fuel types: Jet A1
  • The airport is approximately 9km from the city
  • Alternate airports: FLMA, FLSK


  • Permit lead time is three days
  • PPR is not required
  • Slots are not required
  • Fuel availability is 12hours from 0530z up to 1530z
  • An extension is possible for a fee
  • Airport Authority +243972244415

The Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine (CIQ) at FZQA airport are relatively quick, professional, and user-friendly. However, it’s important to confirm you have all documentation and required visas in order prior to arrival.

CIQ Procedures

At Airports, customs clearance for crew members/passengers is located in the General Aviation Terminal (GAT). For international arrival, your ground handler will transport passengers and luggage to clear at the GAT, and this usually takes only a few minutes. The handler the will arrange formalities for crew. CIQ and manual check are required for each passenger. However, with arrivals and departures, all luggage will be checked manually.

CIQ will need to confirm IDs for every arriving/departing crew member/passenger. Your ground handler will normally arrange for expedited crew/passenger clearance – either through a separate line or with priority over scheduled commercial passengers in a regular clearance line. For all departures regardless of destination, crew/passengers go through manual security checking.


Lubumbashi has a humid subtropical climate with warm wet summers and dry winters.

Tourist Attractions

  • Lubumbashi Zoo
  • Muyambo Kyasa
  • Palace of Justice
  • Cathedral St Pierre et Paul

Security tip

It is wise to use ground transport arranged by your handler and ensure the car windows are kept closed at all times.

For support with your flight operations to Lubumbashi International Airport FZQA, contact UAS