Osvaldo Vieira International Airport GGOV


Osvaldo Vieira International Airport GGOV

Soji Awosika | - 08/07/2017

Osvaldo Vieira International Airport is the only international airport in the West African country of Guinea-Bissau and is located in the capital city Bissau. Here’s what you need to know. 

City: Bissau 国家:  Guinea-Bissau
国际 民航 组织: GGOV 国际航空运输协会(IATA):  OXB
海拔: 129FT   Latitude/longitude: N11°53.33′ / W15°39.34′
Time zone: UTC +00:00   Mar Var: 8° West
Airport slots: No     AOE: 是的
PPR: No    机场类型: 国际
Navaid: 是的 跑道:
塔频率: 124.3   Traffic pattern altitude: 3,000 FT

Languages spoken at Osvaldo Vieira International Airport: Portuguese

Airport operating hours: 0700z-1900z. 72 hours prior notice is required for flights outside these operating hours.

Lead time for landing approvals: 48 hours 


PCN: 35/F/B/X/U

Runway length: 10,499 x 148 feet / 3,200 x 45 meters

Types of aircraft handled: AH-124, MD-11

Fire category: CAT 7


ATC/ general operating hours: 0700z-1900z

Fuel type: Jet A1

Ramp facilities: Yes 

Maintainance and hangars: Not available

Passenger facilities: Yes

Parking facilities: Parking is allocated by the tower

Airport security: CCTV, AVSEC, police

Customs and Immigration:

  • Customs and Immigration are available
  • Customs operating hours are from 0700z-1900z
  • Documents required include passport, GENDEC, crew badge, and visas

Alternatives to Osvaldo Vieira International Airport: GOOY, GUCY, GFLL, GABS


Safety: High poverty means visitors should take sensible precautions like avoiding solo travel where possible, avoid travelling at night, and carrying valuables in public.


Bissau is steadily warm throughout the year with averages of 26.3 °C (79.3 °F) every month.


  • Bissau Velho (Portuguese colonial centre)
  • Porto Pidjiguiti (fishing port)
  • Mercado de Bandim (Bissau’s main market)
  • Fortaleza d’Amura (old Portuguese fort)
  • National Ethnographic Museum (traditional items) 

For assistance with your operation to Osvaldo Vieira International Airport, or another location in West Africa, contact UAS’ Lagos office at los@uas.aero