Tanzania Open For International Flights
Photo by Yoad Shejtman
Photo by Yoad Shejtman


Tanzania Open for International Flights

Fred Kiige | - 05/28/2020

Tanzania Open for International Flights: Tanzania has lifted the suspension of international scheduled and non-scheduled passenger flights.

The 14 day quarantine period for arriving passengers and crew has also been lifted, now those entering or leaving Tanzania only undergo enhanced screening.

All travelers and service providers must adhere to infection prevention and control measures such as good hand hygiene, wearing masks at all times, and maintaining physical distance.

Cargo flights are allowed based on respective Bilateral Air Services Agreements (BASAs) between Tanzania and other countries.

Overflights, humanitarian aid, medical and relief, diplomatic missions, and other safety-related flight operations will continue to be authorized by the government.

Crew will be subjected to enhanced screening at airports of entry and may be isolated if suspected of being infected with COVID-19; if this is the case, the aircraft will be decontaminated.

If any crew members are quarantined or isolated while in transit, the aircraft operators must make the necessary arrangements to back-up their crew and to make sure that goods are delivered to the intended destination.

Travelers are reminded to complete the Traveler Surveillance Forms onboard and submit them to authorities on their arrival.

Arriving passengers must also dispose of the masks worn during their journey at designated waste collection containers.

All operators must provide advance passenger information to enable the authorities to identify any high-risk passengers.

The Pilot in Command must ensure the flight health declaration form is submitted prior to arrival.

In cases of medical emergencies, call Tanzania’s toll-free health emergency number 199.

For support with your flight operations to Tanzania, contact UAS