The Foundations Of A Successful Organization


The Foundations of a Successful Organization

Omar Hosari | - 01/20/2016

Successful organizations are built on solid foundations. Without a strong base, a company is vulnerable and without direction. Here are the four pillars absolutely necessary for any organization to grow and flourish.

1. Values

The tone of an organization begins with the integrity of its leadership. Business integrity means many things to many people. However, I would define it as having a clear ethical code and moralistic approach to all your business dealings. It also means sticking to these principles, no matter how challenging the circumstances become. The values of an organization’s leaders will become the organization’s core values. A clearly defined set of values provide the moral compass for all corporate decision-making processes. For example, if quality rates highly in your values, then this will never be compromised, and all decisions will ensure that the top standard of quality is maintained. An organization’s guiding principles will also tell potential customers or clients everything they need to know about what you stand for. Values also help an organization attract and choose personnel with similar outlooks and principles, making for a better professional fit.2.

2. Structure

Whatever the size of an organization, having a clearly defined corporate structure has a massive impact on a company’s performance. A clear chain of command is paramount is good decision-making. Clearly defining departmental function and responsibility ensures clarity and accountability. Setting definite procedures and processes means projects will be completed and deadlines will be met. It also guarantees that time will be used in the most efficient way possible.

3. Communication

Effective communication -both internal and external- is critical to success of any organization. Fluid internal communication ensures efficient teamwork and interdepartmental cooperation. How leadership communicates its message, as well as the clarity of the objectives outlined and the directions to proceed, will ultimately dictate the outcome of any action. When the organization’s internal communication is in synergy this has knock-on benefits externally. The same message being communicated to clients, vendors, and suppliers, gives an impetus for them to choose to work with, and purchase from, an organization. Ultimately, this boosts the company’s sales.

4. Innovation

Innovation should be viewed a fundamental responsibility of any organization. As client and customer needs are always evolving, it’s vital to constantly push your creative boundaries to find ways of meeting these needs. Update your value proposition to accommodate the ever-changing demands of the market. Differentiating your offering will bring a clear competitive advantage. Creating an organization that encourages and actively demands innovative progression will attract the best talent, making you an employer of choice within your industry. Stand still and you’ll be history.