The Dubai Airshow 2015


The Dubai Airshow 2015

Niamh McNamara | - 10/05/2015

Dubai Airshow 2015 gets underway at Dubai World Central from November 8-12.

Running from Sunday to Thursday and attracting all major international players in aviation, the event has become a mainstay of the aviation calendar since its inaugural year in 1986.

The five-day event is expected to surpass the attendance of former years as it cements its reputation as one of the top 5 aviation shows in the world.

Here’s some crucial information for anyone planning a trip to Dubai for DXB Airshow 2015.


The planned dates of the Dubai Airshow 2015 are from the 04 – 12 November 2015 which includes practice days, rehearsal and the Airshow days. The Airshow itself will be held from 08 – 12 November 2015 inclusive. A full rehearsal will take place on 07 November 2015.

Airport Closure:

Al Maktoum International Airport (OMDW) will be closed for all take-offs and landings for all Non-Airshow traffic during the following times (UTC):


04 – 06 NOV 2015 Practice 0600z 0800z
1100z 1300z
07 NOV 2015 Rehearsal 1000z 1300z
08 – 12 NOV 2015 Air Show 1000z 1300z


  • Non-Airshow traffic intending to depart OMDW shall plan to be airborne at least 15 minutes before the closure of the airport. Therefore, clearance to start and taxi should be requested in line with this time restriction.
  • Arriving flights with an ETA within 15 minutes before the time of closure may not be accepted.

Air Traffic restrictions during closure times:

Except for those aircraft participating in the Airshow and for the purpose of practicing and validating displays, OMDW will be closed for landings and take-offs for all aircraft during the closure times (See table above).

1. Arriving Traffic

Arriving traffic to OMDW should expect to hold at BUBIN or DESDI and will be issued Expected Approach Times (EAT) by Emirates ACC.

2. Departing Traffic

Traffic scheduled to depart during the Practice or Validation closures will have their startup delayed until reopening or immediately prior to reopening.

While display aircraft are carrying out practice or validation flights, other aircraft taxiing for departure will be held clear of the ‘Display Box.’

3. Training and VFR flights

IFR and / or VFR training flights will not be permitted in Dubai CTA during the practice, validation, rehearsal and airshow times.

4.  Airspace

A Temporary Restricted Area will be established during the airport closure periods.

The Restricted area will be within a circle of radius 5 NM, centered on the midpoint of the Display Box 245325N 0551106E.

Display box enclosed within the following coordinates:

245423.23N 0551029.40E

245325.49N 0551214.28E

245227.84N 0551138.95E

245326.56N 0550951.78E

245423.23N 0551029.40E

The area will extend from the surface to 10,000 FT AMSL.

When active, entry will be subject to approval from the Airshow Flying Control Committee. Take-off and landing will be limited to aircraft participating in the Airshow.


Temporary Restricted Area.

Display Flying

Commercial movements before and after the display flying will use the runway direction as declared on the ATIS and as advised by ATC.

During display flying, the following restrictions will apply:

  • Aircraft will not be permitted to enter the 5 NM restricted area (Fig. 1).
  • Vehicles and aircraft will not be permitted to enter the runway and the lateral limits of the Display Box.


Helicopter operations will not be permitted during the period of display activity.

Slot Procedures

Dubai Airshow 2015 – Exhibitor Scheduling Requirements

Al Maktoum International Airport (OMDW) is designated as IATA Level 2 Airport. All exhibiting aircraft are therefore required to follow the scheduling procedures as mentioned below.


  1. Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) – Landing and traffic rights permission.
  2. Airport Coordination Limited (ACL) – Coordinated Slot Authority.

Operators shall not be allowed to operate to or from OMDW without obtaining confirmed slots from Airport Coordination Limited (ACL).

ACL Slot Authority

Slot authority gives permission to operate at a specific date and a specific time and includes time on the ground. Slot times are on/off block times.

Slot requests for exhibitor’s aircraft will be processed after 01 September 2015, on a first come first served basis. All slot requests should be agreed and finalized by 01 November 2015.

Requests should be sent to ACL’s slot request email address as detailed below using the IATA SSIM chapter 6 format. If you are not accustomed to SSIM send a completed Slot Request Form to the email address below. Please be aware the manual processing times of the Slot Request Form may result in lower priority of slot allocation. All requests must include arrival and departure information.

When planning your flights, kindly avoid the following times. This will help ensure the effect of runway closures on daily scheduled operations is minimized, and there will be a better chance of your requested times being confirmed

(All times in UTC):

04 – 06 Nov 2015

Arrivals: 0450 – 0905 and 0950 -1405.

Departures: 0440-0845 and 0940 -1345.

07 – 12 Nov 2015

Arrivals: 0850 – 1405.

Departures: 0840 – 1345.


Use of Al Maktoum International (OMDW) as an Alternate

Operators are instructed that OMDW shall not be designated as an alternate during any period when the 5 NM temporary restricted area is active.


Operators are advised to check AIP Supplements and NOTAM on the days prior and during the Airshow period.


OMDB – 迪拜国际机场

  • Dubai, ARE
  • N 25° 15.2′ E 55° 21.9′
  • Mag Var: 1.4°E
  • Elevation: 62′
  • 燃料:100LL、喷气 A-1
  • Time Zone Info: GMT+4:00 no DST



UAE overflight permits are not required / landing rights are required.

Non-scheduled Commercial Flights:

UAE overflight permits are not required / landing rights are required.



  • UAS offer supply via truck browser and hydrant fuel delivery
  • JET A1 随时可用

Slot approval requested by an agent 24 hours in advance is preferable to attain desired slots.


  • Peak hours on OMDB: AM hour from 0100z – 0700z & 1700z – 2200z (times can vary subject to availability)
  • OMDB is currently operating at 97% capacity. The best opportunity for arrival and departure slots is between the hours of 1000Z – 1400Z daily.
  • Overnight parking is possible but it quite difficult to obtain for medium and wide body aircraft non-scheduled operators.


OMDW – 阿勒马克图姆国际机场

  • Dubai, ARE
  • N 24° 55.1′ E 55° 10.5′
  • Mag Var: 1.4°E
  • Elevation: 171′
  • 燃料:A-1 喷气机
  • Time Zone Info: GMT+4:00 no DST



UAE overflight permits are not required / a landing rights are required.


UAE overflight permits are not required / a landing rights are required.



  • UAS offer supply via truck browser and hydrant fuel delivery
  • JET A1 随时可用

Slot approval requested by an agent 24 hours in advance is preferable to attain desired slots.

高峰时段,上午时段从0100z – 0700z和PM 1700z – 2000z(时间可能因供应情况而异)

Parking is subject to availability, but approval is generally provided for all aircraft types.




Please note: The General Civil Aviation of the UAE (GCAA) have introduced a mandatory Advance Passenger Information (API) requirement for all passengers and crew arriving to, and going from, the UAE.


A passport and a visa before arrival is required.



预先安排的签证必须由担保人存放在移民局,并且可以签发 96 小时、14 天或 30 天。


电子签证可以通过 获得——这些签证在阿联酋的任何国际机场都有效。

航空公司可以通过点击“查询DNRD APP”按钮在同一站点查看电子签证的有效性。








电子签证可以通过 获得——这些签证在阿联酋的任何国际机场都有效。

航空公司可以通过点击“查询DNRD APP”按钮在同一站点查看电子签证的有效性。




  • 400 cigarettes and cigars to a maximum value of AED 3,000 and 2 kilograms of tobacco (not applicable to snuffing or chewing tobacco)
  • Perfumes or any other gifts provided for personal use, to a value of AED 3,000.
  • Alcoholic beverages: Abu Dhabi and Fujairah- 4 liters of any alcohol for non-Muslim passengers; Dubai- 24 cans of beer or 4 liters of any other kind of alcohol; Sharjah- 2 liters of alcohol and one case of beer.


  • Electronic cigarettes.
  • All fresh foods such as fruit, vegetables, dairy products, fish, seafood, meat and food stuffs from Japan with validity period of less than two weeks.
  • Foodstuffs, other than fresh foods, with validity exceeding two weeks is permitted, when accompanied by a Radiation Clearance Certificate issued by the Japanese Health Authorities.


  • Fruits and vegetables from cholera infected areas, cultivated pearls.


  • Uncooked, edible seafood, fruits and vegetables from cholera infected areas.



  • Proof of purchase is required for large amounts of cash, gold and jewelry.



如果您在 24 小时内过境并且没有通过海关。在这种情况下,如果您想离开过境区,行李可以在清关前存放长达 24 小时,前提是行李已转运到最终目的地。

At Dubai, airport baggage can also be stored by the handling agent (DNATA) for more than 24 hours. A fee of AED 10 per piece of baggage applies.

Dubai airport also provides a service to passengers continuing their journey within 24 hours and holding separate tickets to a final destination. This service provides baggage transfer on the passenger’s behalf, so they do not need to clear passport/customs control. A fee of AED 300 per passenger applies.




当地货币为阿联酋迪拉姆 (AED)

允许进口当地或外币,但如果这笔金额超过 100,000 迪拉姆(或等值金额),则必须在抵达时申报。出口没有限制。

Ground Transport

Dubai is well serviced by the Dubai Taxi Corporation.

请参阅 上的票价计算器


We recommend booking hotel accommodation in the Dubai Marina area to save on commute time.