Tips For Chinese Operators Flying Globally


Tips for Chinese Operators Flying Globally


Tips for Chinese Operators Flying Globally: Chinese operators can experience challenges when flying globally – here are our top tips for seamless missions from China to the world. 

Chinese Operators often experience many frustrations when planning international missions so here are some crucial tips for operators planning trips internationally.

Have Realistic Expectations

Many stations around the globe do not have FBOs and therefore, handling may not be the norm, especially with less frequented business aviation airports. This means that the managing the expectations of Chinese operators and their clients is often a major challenge. In these cases, the handling is typically done by airport employees who also service commercial flights. UAS overcome this challenge by sending a Station Manager to the location to facilitate the coordination of services. But ultimately, Chinese operators must understand that the term “standard services” varies greatly depending on the location.

Beware the Prohibited

Be conscious with the local customs regulations. Many countries enforce strict regulations on food and perishables and do not even allow the import for private use. Please familiarize yourself with what isn’t allowed as any prohibited items will be destroyed on the spot.

Do Your Paperwork

European regulation is quite relaxed in terms of permits and flexibility. However, there is no tolerance for incomplete aircraft documentation. Frequent ramp checks at major European airports are normal occurrences and there can be very strict measures for non-compliance with EU regulations. So, ensure all your aircraft documents and flight documents are correct and complying with the regulations.

Know Your Visa Requirements

Due to the existing Schengen Zone, many countries and airports have reduced immigration staff and facilities. As a result, a visa on arrival is widely unavailable in Europe. While there are often possibilities for crew to stay a limited number of hours on a Gendec, it can be extremely difficult if not impossible for passengers to get visas on arrival. We highly recommend checking the travel regulations before your operation.

Plan Ahead

In many countries in Europe and the Americas, the import of cash is limited to help prevent money laundering. Large amounts of cash can be carried if it is properly declared. In most cases, this involves the registration of personal details and nothing tax related. Advising officials beforehand can smoothen the arrival and departure procedure.

Be Willing to Negotiate

Many other cultures speak directly and you may hear ‘No’ given as an answer from time to time. This is not intended to be offensive but a clear answer. However, often it can be negotiated upon.

Enjoy Tax-free Shopping

Tax-free shopping for passengers and crew is common in Europe. Most shops offer tax-free vouchers for goods purchased and the export process is easy and straightforward. UAS can make the arrangements with the local customs prior the departure so that local customs assist with the export process for passengers and crew.

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