5 Habits To Leave Behind With COVID


5 habits to leave behind with COVID

Omar Hosari | - 08/13/2020

5 habits to leave behind with COVID:  I’ve reflected many times in the past about how best to work on your purpose and mission for both life and business. Plenty of people had more time to focus on that during the recent lockdowns and hopefully used this time wisely. However, this pandemic also represents another great opportunity – to let things go that don’t serve us or our purpose. Here are the top five that come to mind.

Not appreciating what we have

Not being able to mix with family or friends outside of our immediate household; not being able to leave the house or go on holidays; not being able to move freely as we did in the past… we have all felt this is the wake of lockdowns regardless of where we are located. And though lockdowns gave us some great quality time with our spouses and children, it reminded us of the importance of community and friendship – and that we should never take freedom for granted.

Not structuring our time

Time management is one of the pillars of being successful at anything. Whether we’re working remotely, job hunting, developing new skills, or taking care of loved ones, good time management is essential to achieving good results and balance. For those of us who ever struggled to structure our time, the pandemic offers a chance to master it once and for all.


Putting off complex jobs or tasks we don’t necessarily enjoy is something all of us can relate to in some way. But procrastination is the thief time, energy, and focus! So now that we’ve had some time to reflect on our goals, we need to nip procrastination in the bud and be sure to “eat the frog” from now on.

Too much tech

Whether it is at home, with your children, or even at work, we sometimes overuse technology. With remote work we’ve been seeing more Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings taking place and while this enables business to go on, I’m a big believer in personal interaction because the best communication and understanding takes place when people are together. I won’t stop having physical meetings for this reason, but some meetings can be done remotely and more efficiently.

Sweating the small stuff

This pandemic has put so much in perspective for people. It’s worth it to reflect on things that we thought were worth worrying about before all this. This could be petty things or materialistic things, for example. Now that we have seen and experienced a new kind of suffering, we can appreciate how well things were before this happened. Now we can clearly recognize the things that are truly important and worthy of our focus and therefore not sweat the small things anymore.

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