Business Aviation Operations To Angola- Part 2


Business Aviation Operations to Angola- Part 2

Anton Van Rooyen | - 03/08/2018

Business Aviation Operations to Angola – Part 2: In the second of our informative blogs for operators planning missions to this African country, we discuss fuel, ground handling, catering, immigration, security, transport, and accommodation.

Fuel and Ground Handling

What fuel is available?

AVGAS and Jet A-1.

What about refuelling if people are onboard?

A firetruck must be present, and the doors of aircraft kept open.

What information is needed in advance when arranging ground handling?

Best advice is to send, before arrival, all information relating to your flight – passenger detail, crew details and ETA. In fact, copies of updated passenger manifest and GENDEC will be very useful tools to expedite your arrival/departure processes.


Departure and arrival-departure cards are still in place, and if your handler gets the required details, they can complete same and notify immigration before arrival.

What handling equipment is available?

Generally, the best handling equipment required to handle the smallest aircraft up to the largest aircraft can be found at all the major airports.

Is specialized equipment also available?

Yes, specialized equipment like Ambu-lifts, tow-bars tugs, GPUs, and air start units are readily available.

Is third-party coordination necessary?

It is essential for business flights to any airport. Some handling agents are located in the country with capabilities to coordinate ground handling, catering, fuel, etc.

Is good quality catering available?

Yes. UAS partners with a worldclass vendor that can accommodate all catering needs at every airport in Angola.

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Are visas available on arrival for passengers?

No, visas cannot be obtained on arrival so must be arranged in advance. The process can take a long time, and you should apply several weeks before your intended travel date. Please visit

What about crew visas?

On the Gen Dec, they can stay in Angola for 72 hours without a visa.

Transport, Security, and Accommodation


Yes, if you do your planning thoroughly and know where you are going.


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all but essential travel to the provinces of Cabinda (but not including Cabinda city) and Lunda Norte. Visitors should avoid political gatherings and demonstrations, be vigilant and respect advice and instruction given by local security authorities.

What is safety like in Luanda?

There is a high level of crime. Don’t walk around the city after dark. However, most visits to Angola are trouble-free.


Yes, be prepared.

What is hotel availability during high season?

There are a lot of hotels, and except for major political events, hotels are available. In case of major events taking place, it’s highly advisable to book well in advance.

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