China Lifts COVID-19 Related Travel Restrictions 


China Lifts COVID-19 Related Travel Restrictions 

UAS Operations | - 01/11/2023

China has lifted some of its stringent COVID-19-related travel restrictions. Since January 8, nucleic acid tests and quarantine are no longer required for inbound passengers.

Further changes include:

  • Visitors no longer need to apply for a health code from Chinese embassies and consulates. However, a negative nucleic acid test from the last 48 hours will still be required to travel to the Chinese mainland.  
  • As well as no longer imposing quarantine measures on COVID-19 infections, China will also not identify close contacts of those infected with the infection. 
  • If the health declaration and the customs port routine quarantine check are normal, passengers will be released into the community without further requirements. 
  • Measures to control the number of international passenger flights will also be lifted.  
  • Moving forward, prevention and control measures for the Class B category of infectious disease will be applied to COVID-19 infections instead of Class A measures that were, until recently, being applied. 
  • Airlines are still required to prevent disease on board. All passengers must wear masks when flying.  
  • China is streamlining visa facilities for foreigners returning to the country for work, study, or personal reasons.  
  • Outbound tourism will also be resumed gradually, keeping in view the international health situation and the capacity of the supporting service sectors involved.  
  • China will also not delineate high and low-risk areas. 

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