Coronavirus Travel Restrictions In Russia & CIS


Coronavirus Travel Restrictions in Russia & CIS


Coronavirus Travel Restrictions in Russia & CIS:  Here are the travel restrictions for Russia and the CIS countries.


  • Restrictions are imposed on entry for foreign nationals traveling from coronavirus outbreak high-risk countries or visiting them 14 days prior to travel. As of March 22 the list of such countries includes: US, Australia, EU member states, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey, China, Iran, South Korea, Israel, Japan, UK, Canada, Russia, and Georgia.
  • All permits are considered on a case by case basis.


  • Only nationals, residents, those with work permits, or those with special government permission may enter
  • A completed Public Health Passenger Locator Form must be presented on arrival
  • Passengers will be tested for COVID-19 and placed in quarantine for 14 days
    The issuance of e-visas and visa on arrival has been suspended


Passengers are not allowed to enter or exit since March 16 with certain exemptions; residents, foreigners departing the country, diplomatic employees and their family members, personnel of foreign cross-border facilities, and crew.

  • All pilots arriving in Kazakhstan are subject to thermal screening and will be under medical monitoring (daily call-in examination) only.
  • All other crew are subject to immediate quarantine at assigned medical facilities for 2 days and further isolation for 12 days or the whole period of their stay.
  • Authorities may allow short technical stops only, with no overnight parking or crew changes and even may ask to keep aircraft doors closed.


All flights are suspended.


Only national and residents are allowed to enter.


All foreigners are forbidden to enter with the following exemptions:

  • Crew (of all nationalities)
  • Appointed workers of diplomatic representatives and foreign consulates
  • International organizations and representatives
  • Official representatives of foreign countries in Russia
  • Immediate family members of official delegations members
  • Holders of official, diplomatic visas, emergency visas issued due to death of close relative
  • Russian residents

All non-scheduled flights to Russia are under consideration of the Foreign Ministry.
All non-scheduled flights from Russia are forbidden except transportation foreign citizens to foreign countries.
Cargo, postal, medical, humanitarian, ferry maintenance, transit flights with a technical landings for refueling (crew swap) – are not restricted.
All permit applications are subject to case-to-case consideration.


All flights are prohibited.


Borders are closed.


Flights have been suspended.

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