Hong Kong Operations Update


Hong Kong Operations Update

Dana Guillermo | - 07/12/2020

Hong Kong Operations Update: The UAS China team has an update on operations at Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH).

Business jet operations

The transit and transfer of passengers by business jet was resumed from June 1.

Aircraft operators are asked to implement the following precautionary measures for passengers and crew:

  • All passengers must go through temperature screening before boarding the flight to Hong Kong and any passenger with a body temperature above normal must be refused boarding
  • Passengers must undertake health declarations before boarding
  • Non-residents are not permitted entry to Hong Kong so it is crucial for operators to ensure they only carry passengers who will be granted entry to their final destination to avoid anyone becoming stranded at the airport
  • Operators must take virus containment measures such as requiring all passengers wear face masks and hand sanitizer is provided
  • Passengers are requirement to wear face masks covering their nose and mouth arriving and at all times at the airport
  • Passengers must sanitize their hands and disinfect their shoes on sanitizing mats when disembarking
  • All transfer and transit passengers should proceed to the aircraft directly to minimize the amount of time spent at other areas
  • Operators must make the necessary arrangements to accommodate their passengers before arrival as there is currrently no facility available at the apron for travellers to use


Effective from July 29, travelers who were in Kazakhstan or the United States of America within 14 days prior to their trip to Hong Kong are required to provide additional documentation.

From July 25, travellers who have been in the following countries over the past 14 days before their arrival in Hong Kong are required to provide additional documentation:

  • 孟加拉国
  • 印度
  • 印度尼西亚
  • 尼泊尔
  • 巴基斯坦
  • The Philippines
  • 南非

Health screening 

All asymptomatic inbound travelers arriving at the Hong Kong will recieve deep throat saliva swabs.

They must await test results at a designated location and observe a compulsory 14-day quarantine.

If a visitor’s permitted limit of stay is shorter than the length of the compulsory quarantine (i.e. 14 days), they will be refused entry into Hong Kong.

For support with your flight operations to Hong Kong, contact UAS