N’djili International Airport FZAA


N’djili International Airport FZAA

Kitumaini Rukiko | - 07/25/2018

N’djili International Airport FCBB: N’Djili International Airport, also known as Kinshasa International Airport, is located 25kms outside Kinshasa, the capital and largest city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).   

Cities: Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Goma, Kisangani 国家: DRC
国际 民航 组织: FZAA  国际航空运输协会(IATA):  FIH
海拔: 998 ft. Latitude/longitude: S04-23.1/E015-26.7
Operating hours: 24/7 机场类型: Civil 
时区: UTC +1  防火类别:  9
塔频率: 118.10  ATIS frequency: 120.50
Approach frequency: 119.70//120.50 接地频率: 121.90 
  • Type of aircraft handled: All
  • Navaid available: VOR, NDB, ILS, DME
  • Longest runway: 4700m X 60m
  • Equipment availability: All types
  • Fuel available: Avgas and Jet A1
  • Permit lead time is about three days
  • PPR must be requested 1 hour in advance
  • Airport slots must be requested 1 hour in advance
  • Alternative airports: FNLU
  • Crew visas are available if crew carry valid passports and their names are registered on the General Declaration
  • Customs and Immigration are available 24 hours
Contact numbers
  • Police: +243 827206000 / +243 977770255 / +243 977770171
  • Briefing office agent: +243 821794835
  • ATC: +243 821555855
Safety and Security
  • It is highly recommended to arrange your transport and accommodation in advance through your local agent
  • When driving, it’s recommended to keep the windows closed
  • The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s climate is tropical. The wet season runs from October to May and is longer than its dry season that takes place in the other months. The driest months are July and August.
  • Tourist attractions include Livingstone Falls, Lola ya BonoboMount Mangengenge, and Pool Malebo 

For more information on this airport and  visit the official website, click here

For support with your flight operations to DRC, contact UAS