Private Jet Travel Recovering Quickly 
Mohammed Al Husary in 'The Dream Jet', Dubai Air Show
Mohammed Al Husary in 'The Dream Jet', Dubai Air Show


Private Jet Travel Recovering Quickly 

Mohammed Al Husary | - 07/22/2020

Private Jet Travel Recovering Quickly: Commercial air travel is slowly taking off once more now that countries are either open again or on schedule. However, private jet travel has been in consistent demand in some areas as countries and states re-emerge from the COVID-19 lockdowns. According to both Forbes and the LA Times, interest in private jet travel is huge right now. The LA Times reports that private jet companies are booking about 80% as many flights and hours in the air as they had before the pandemic struck. It also reports that many of their passengers are new to the private jet scene. In the meantime, recovery for the commercial market seems a long way off with the demand for domestic flights well below pre-pandemic levels.

So, why is private jet travel bouncing back so well?

Well, there are several reasons for this trend. Number 1, people are putting their health first, and the nature of traveling by private jet means your exposure to crowds in airports or airline cabins is vastly reduced. It also removes the need to queue in terminals and check-in hours in advance of flight time. Travelers that are chartering a plane can easily maintain social distance while they travel either alone, with their households, or even a group of friends. Therefore, for many people, private jet travel is the only method of long-distance travel for as long as this pandemic persists.

The next reason is that private jet travel is now being viewed as the real 1st Class way to travel, which of course it always was. For many, post-COVID, traveling first class on a commercial airline was the ultimate in luxury, affording commercial travelers the absolute best air experience possible. However, since vectors of the pandemic can be spread even when the WHO recommended sanitation measures are being adhered to in every airport, passengers may be no safer in a 1st class seat than they are in a socially distanced coach seat. Passengers will still be potentially exposed to the virus whether through touch hot spots throughout the airport or through proximity to potential carriers on the aircraft itself. Hence, private jet travel has attracted new clients since COVID-19.

Finally, since airlines are having to cut routes and reduce services, air travelers will have less choice and less connectivity through commercial travel. This is one of the great strengths of private jets… the freedom to choose not only your airport of departure and arrival but your timings. It really is true freedom and total peace of mind.

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