Prioritizing Pilot Wellness To Ensure Optimal Safety And Performance 

Prioritizing pilot wellness to ensure optimal safety and performance  

Prioritizing pilot wellness to ensure optimal safety and performance: There are few roles that hold as much responsibility and induce as much mental pressure as that of a pilot. These days, intuitive technology and automation in aircraft operations may reduce pilot workload or afford them more situational awareness however, these advances do not reduce the gravity of the responsibility and level of stress that can befall captains and first officers. Pilot wellness is a crucial element of aviation safety and performance. Ensuring pilot wellness has a positive impact on their cognitive abilities, decision-making skills, and job satisfaction.  


人工智能改变了航空业的游戏规则。人工智能培训是教会人工智能系统感知、解释和学习数据的过程。从运营、维护、安全和驾驶舱自动化到空中交通管制和客户体验,人工智能培训和人工智能算法正在改变航空业的所有要素。UAS 联合创始人兼执行总裁穆罕默德-阿尔-胡萨里(Mohammed Al Husary)探讨了人工智能如何彻底改变航空业。