ABACE2018 Shanghai Ops Restrictions


ABACE2018 Shanghai Ops Restrictions


ABACE2018 Shanghai Ops Restrictions: The Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition 2018 takes place in Shanghai from April 17-19. Asia’s largest annual business aviation gathering will attract industry players from all over the world – here’s the operational information and restrictions for Shanghai airports and step-by-step details of how to get Visa Invitation Letters for attendees. 

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
  • Latitude/longitude: 31.1919° N, 121.3370° E
  • Elevation: 3m 
  • Magnetic variation: 5° W
  • Time Zone Info: GMT+8:00 no DST
Operational Information for Shanghai Airports
  • Overflight and landing permits are required for all private flights to ZSPD, ZSSS, ZSNJ, and ZSHC
  • Overflight and landing permits are required for all commercial and non-commercial flights to ZSPD, ZSSS, ZSNJ, and ZSHC
  • Overflight permit lead-time is 24-48 hours
  • Landing permit lead-time is three working days
  • If you’re not part of the static display, you need to park at Pudong (ZSPD), Nanjing (ZSNJ) or Hangzhou (ZSHC)
Operational Restrictions for ZSSS
  • From/to the East or Northeast direction: No take-off or landing is allowed
  • From/to all directions: 1600-2159UTC there is no take-off or landing allowed
  • Slots for business jets are not available in ZSSS during 0700L-0900L/2300UTC-0100UTC
  • It is prohibited to use two slots during peak time (0800L-2200L) /0000UTC-1600UTC
  • Chinese registered aircraft can park for 5 days
  • Foreign registered aircraft can park for 3 days
Pudong Airport
  • Latitude/longitude: N 31° 08.7′ E121° 47.6′
  • Magnetic variation: 4.9°W
  • Elevation: 13′
  • 燃料:A-1 喷气机
  • Time Zone Info: GMT+8:00 no DST
Operational Restrictions for ZSPD 
  • Cargo flights always use ZSPD when operating to Shanghai
  • One aircraft cannot occupy more than two inclusive slots during the period 0000-1359UTC on the same day
  • Business jet can only park no more than 48 hrs (2 nights) at SPD (new restriction from March 3)
Nanjing Lukon Airport 
  • Latitude/longitude: N 31° 44.6′ E118° 51.8′
  • Magnetic variation: 4.5°W
  • Elevation: 49′
  • 燃料:A-1 喷气机
  • Time Zone Info: GMT+8:00 no DST
Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport 
  • Latitude/longitude: N 30° 13.7′ E120° 26.0′
  • Magnetic variation: 4.4°W
  • Elevation: 23′
  • Fuel: Jet
  • Time Zone Info: GMT+8:00 no DST


  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan is approximately a one and a half hour drive from Shanghai
  • Nanjing Lukou is approximately a two-hour drive from Shanghai
  • ZSNJ and ZSHC are Airports of Entry (AOEs), but support services at ZSHC are more limited. Neither airport requires slots
  • Both have high-speed train access to Shanghai. From ZSNJ it takes two hours, from ZSHC it takes about an hour
  • ZSNJ and ZSHC are in the proximity of some good options for hotel accommodation, as well as local transport option
Visa Invitation Letters for ABACE Attendees
  • Attendees from countries requiring Chinese visas to attend ABACE must have an invitation letter from authorities in China in order to obtain their visa. Attendees may request such a letter by using the ABACE invitation letter request form.
  • Visit https://ssl.nbaa.org/events/abace/2018/manage-your-exhibit/visa-application/form.php
  • The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) will forward requests to the appropriate Chinese Authorities, who will then issue the ABACE invitation letter.
  • Please be advised that it will take approximately 4 weeks to process requests. 
  • The invitation letter will then be sent to you via email to download.
  • Please note: Passports must be valid for at least six months after the date of your arrival in China.

For more details on this year’s event, visit ABACE2018 

For support with your flight operations to Shanghai, contact UAS