Kigali International Airport HRYR


Kigali International Airport HRYR

Fred Kiige | - 05/07/2018
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Kigali International Airport HRYR: The primary airport serving Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, one of the fastest growing economies in the East African region and a key commercial destination. Here’s your airport guide to Kigali International Airport.

Cities: Kigali Country:  Rwanda
Elevation:  4,891 ft / 1,491 m Latitude/longitude:  1.9630° S, 30.1350° E
Timezone: UTC +2 (No DST)  PRP:  N/A 
AOE: Yes  No. of runways:  1
Fire category:  9 Ground frequency: 121.70
Tower frequency: 118.30 Approach:  124.30
On the Ground

Airport location: Kanombe, 5km from the city’s central business district

Languages spoken: English and French

Opening hours: 24/7


Runway length: 3,500 X 60m (11483 x 197ft) / Runway 10/28

Operational Information

Lead time for permit approval: 72 hours. Passport copies of passengers are required for GA aircraft.

Airport slots: Not required

Types of aircraft handled: All except A380. OK for B747, B777, and A330 with GSE available.

Equipment available: Equipment for all aircraft except A380

Navaid available: Yes

Fuel types: Jet A1 and AvGas

Crew visa requirements: No visas are required for crew but the following documents are required:  passport, crew ID, and GENDEC

Immigration: Since January 2018, visitors from across the world are issued a 30-day visa on arrival in Kigali

Health Inspection:

Proof of yellow fever vaccination is required on entry if travelling from a country with a risk of yellow fever or a country with an active yellow fever outbreak.

Alternative airports: HUEN, HAAB, HTKJ

Important numbers: 

  • Airport Authority: +250 25 258 5845 (Landline) +250-78 830 0808 (Mobile)
    Fax: +250-252-585400
  • Fire: +250 788 311120 / +250 8311224 (Mobile) +250 252570195 (Landline)
    Toll-Free: 111
  • Police: Toll-Free: 112
  • Police headquarters: +250 788 311110 /4/5
  • AIS: +250 585845/583441

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Tourist Information


Kigali has a tropical climate. Typical temperatures of between 15-25C with light rains for most of the year. The rainy season generally occurs in February, March, April, October, November and December. August is the warmest month, and July is the driest.


HRYR is generally safe and secure with no security incidents ever reported. There is heavy armed security presence at all entry points. Full body and X-Ray screening for baggage in the presence of passenger prior to check-in.


There are several five-star hotels in Kigali city: Radisson Blu, Kigali Serena, Kigali Marriot Hotel. There is plenty of accommodation to suit all possible requirements.


The blue-branded taxis are recommended from the airport. It takes approximately 30 minutes by road from the airport to the city centre.


• Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre
• Presidential Palace Museum
• Kigali Convention Centre
• Stade Amahoro
• Akagera National Park
• Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre
• Presidential Palace Museum

For support with your operations to Kigali International Airport, contact UAS