Sustainability And CSR In Business
UAS Co-Owner/Founder and Executive President Mohammed Husary at the Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards
UAS Co-Owner/Founder and Executive President Mohammed Husary at the Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards


Sustainability and CSR in Business

Mohammed Al Husary | - 03/14/2019

Sustainability and CSR in Business: The importance of encouraging and developing sustainability and corporate social responsibility in all areas of business and society is paramount to a successful future for all. I was proud to Chairperson of the judging panel for the Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards recently as these awards play such a major role in showcasing, recognizing, and rewarding the efforts of regional companies to become leaders in sustainability and CSR attitudes and activities.

There are so many companies and individuals across the region implementing outstanding sustainability and CSR initiatives, whether they are large corporates, dynamic start-ups, or established SMEs. Whether it’s ensuring sustainable investment into the future, donating to or volunteering for charitable causes, or encouraging a company culture that prioritizes environmental ethics, there are a huge amount of variations in the way organizations are transforming the practices and the markets in which, they do business. And this has already begun: sustainability and CSR have truly become part of the vision and mission of businesses – at UAS they are very much part of the core principles that drive and inform both our internal and commercial activities.

In a professional sense, so much can be done to improve economic and environmental sustainability. For example, installing renewable power sources, conserving energy and power consumption, upcycling and recycling, and being continuously conscious of the long-term implications of product development on ecosystems, air quality, and natural resources.

Our internal activities also demonstrate our commitment to giving back to society. In early 2018, we began a new corporate social responsibility initiative called UAS CARES that continues to see us reinvesting in the wider community. We’ve volunteered our time and resources to worthwhile causes and worked as a team to help those less fortunate than us. Ongoing sustainability is also encouraged by the development of innovative technology. UAS has invested heavily in our UAS Evolution® suite to make it the most time and cost-efficient, as well as powerful and multi-tasking aviation technology on the market. The result is a decrease in the need for extra resources and energy and an assurance that the future of business aviation sustainability is bright. I was encouraged by the efforts I witnessed at the Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards and look forward to seeing more development and innovation in the future.