Aviation Industry Leaders To Meet Over GPS Spoofing Concerns


Aviation industry leaders to meet over GPS spoofing concerns


Aviation industry leaders to meet over GPS spoofing concerns – The recent spike in Global Positioning System (GPS) spoofing has seen global aviation industry leaders prepare to meet this January to discuss safety concerns, Reuters reports.  

This follows a number of incidents around increased GPS interference by cyberattacks that have steered planes off-course.  

Using counterfeit signals, GPS spoofing gives false information about times or locations, posing a major threat to aircraft. 

In recent months, OPSGROUP has reported increased spoofing targeting private and commercial jets around the Middle East, including Iraq, Iran and Israel, and the Black Sea region.  

In September, the NBAA issued a warning of possible Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) spoofing incidents in the Middle East. 

In the same month, AIN reported that international operations and security specialists were warning aircraft flying over Iraq near the Iranian border were targeted with fake GPS signals that are leading to navigation failures.  

Check out OOPSGROUP’s comprehensive guidance on spoofing here. 

IATA’s Global Navigation Satellite System GNSS-Radio Frequency Interference Safety Risk Assessment is available to view here.  

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