Flight Operations To The Côte D’Azur: Cannes And Nice


Flight Operations to the Côte d’Azur: Cannes and Nice


Here is the operational information you need to successfully plan a mission to Côte d’Azur: Cannes and Nice. Below, we take a look at the two main entry airports to the region and share the operational, immigration, and customs information you need to plan a trip to Nice or Cannes. You will see how, at Cannes Mandelieu Aerodrome, specific measures are being taken to deal with the increase in traffic.


Non-EU Passengers

  • A visa is required
  • A Schengen visa is also valid for French Guiana, French West Indies and Reunion, provided it’s endorsed with the following: “Also valid for French territories being in observation of the respective French territories”

Non-EU Crew

  • A passport and General Declaration Form are required
  • Crew members must wear their uniforms and the duration of their stay must be according to the General Declaration

EU Passengers

  • A valid passport and/or country ID is required
  • No visa is required

EU Crew

  • A passport and General Declaration Form required
  • Crew members must wear their uniforms and the duration of their stay must be according to the General Declaration
  • Visitors who do not hold return/onward tickets could be refused entry
  • Passports and passport replacing documents issued more than ten years prior to date of travel will not be accepted
  • Visitors are required to hold proof of sufficient funds to cover their stay as well as documents required for their next destination


EU citizens

There is free import for passengers arriving with goods purchased within the EU for personal use only. This including the French Overseas Departments of Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, and Reunion.

  • Tobacco products, for passengers aged 17 and above: (1 of the following)
    • 800 cigarettes
    • 400 cigarillos
    • 200 cigars
    • 1kg of pipe or cigarette tobacco
  • Alcoholic beverages, for passengers aged 17 years and above:
    • 10 liters of spirits over 22%
    • 20 liters of alcoholic beverages less than 22%
    • 90 liters of wine (though no more than 60 liters of sparkling wine)
    • 110 liters of beer


Free import to passengers arriving from non-EU Member States (including the Canary Islands, the Channel Islands):

  • Tobacco products, for passengers aged 17 years and over: (1 of the following)
    • 200 cigarettes
    • 100 cigarillos (max. 3g each)
    • 50 cigars
    • 250g of smoking tobacco
    • A proportional mix of these products
  • Alcoholic beverages, for passengers aged 17 years and above: (1 of the following)
    • 1 liter of spirits over 22% volume, or non-denatured ethyl alcohol with more than 80% volume
    • 2 liters of spirits or aperitifs made of wine or similar beverages less than 22% volume, or sparkling wines or liqueur wines
    • A proportional mix of these products

And in addition:

4 liters still wine and 16 liters of beer; medicines for personal requirements and other goods up to a total value of EUR 430 (per adult) or EUR 90 for those aged under 15.


Such amounts cannot be cumulated by several people.

Jewelry: Export of gold must be declared with the exception of personal jewelry weighing under 500 grams.

Products of animal origin, not originating from an EU Member State, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino or Switzerland, are not permitted to be imported into an EU Member State, with the exception of limited amounts from Andorra, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland and small amounts of specific products from other countries.

For full details, please see or refer to the website of the European Union, http://europa.eu/

For full details please see Terms & Definitions, section 5. Customs, or refer to the website of the European Union, http://europa.eu/


Baggage can be cleared at any airport in France.

The baggage of passengers whose destination is outside France in transit via Paris, International Airport Charles de Gaulle or Orly is exempt.





There are no restrictions on Euro and foreign currencies if you are arriving from, or traveling, to another EU Member State.

The same regulations apply for import and export.

Amounts exceeding EUR 10,000 or more (or the equivalent in another currency), including banker’s draft and checks of any kind, must be declared if arriving directly from or traveling to a country outside the EU.


Nice Cote d’Azur Airport

  • Latitude / longitude: N 43° 39.9′ E 07° 12.9′
  • Mag Var: 0.0°W
  • Elevation: 12′
  • 燃料:A-1 喷气机
  • 时区信息:GMT+1:00 使用夏令时


  • Overflight and landing permits are not required

Non-scheduled commercial Flights

  • Overflight and landing permits are required
  • An AOC / General Declaration is needed
  • Slot approval must be requested in advance and by an agent in order to attain desired slots
  • There is a special form request for Charter flights


  • Jet A1 is readily available

Information about Third Country Operation Rules – TCO

欧洲关于社区外运营商的新法规 欧盟第 452/2014 号法规

Transition Period from May 26, 2015 to Nov 26, 2016, TCOs shall apply to EASA for a TCO authorization process before the end of the transition period. EU member states reserve the right to deny the issuance of operating permits to TCO who cannot demonstrate they apply to EASA for a TCO authorization.

  • Hotel Le Negresco
  • Boscolo Exedra
  • Hyatt Regency Nice Palais de la Méditerranée
  • Hôtel La Pérouse
  • Hotel Westminster


Bus Buses from Nice airport to Monaco depart every hour from 9am to 9pm, the trip takes 50 minutes. A one-way ticket costs 14.70 Euro and a round-trip costs about 23 Euro.

The bus departs from Terminal 1 & Terminal 2 – stand 2.


If you fly into Nice, hop on the SNCF and head to Monte Carlo SNCF Station.

From Nice Airport, Monte Carlo is about 20-30 minutes by train.

Cannes – Mandelieu Airport

  • Latitude / longitude: N43° 32.47’ E006° 57.25’
  • Elevation 14 ft
  • Magnetic Variation 1E
  • Fuel types: Jet A1 / Avgas
  • 时区信息:GMT+1:00 使用夏令时


  • There is limited availability

Airport slots

  • The airport will be slot coordinated from May 10-30
  • The use of a ground handling agent is mandatory during this time
  • All movements will be allocated a time slot by the appointed coordinator (COHOR)
  • The allocated slot, an authorization number and movement time will be transmitted through the handling agent. (This time may be different than that requested).

This is prohibited for Jet ACFT with more than 35t MTOW and propeller ACFT more than 22t MTOW

The pilots must prepare their flight with the greatest care before coming to Cannes Mandelieu, airport classified as category B.

Mandatory pilots’ briefing: www.briefing.cannes.aeroport.fr

Apron saturation will be announced through NOTAM.

For more specifications, please see www.sia.aviation-civile.gouv.fr

  • Hotel Mercure + 33 (0) 4 93 90 43 00
  • Hotel Grill Campanile + 33 (0) 4 93 48 69 41

Car Rental – Europcar +33 (0)4 93 90 40 60

Limo – Kingdom Limousines +33 (0)4 83 73 61 24

Taxi – Allo Taxi Cannes 0 890 712 227

Visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Riviera

If you need assistance with your next trip to the Côte d’Azur, contact the UAS Ops team dxb@uas.aero