Operating To Seychelles International Airport


Operating to Seychelles International Airport

UAS Operations | - 10/08/2020

Here is the latest operating information for Seychelles International Airport.

Ops information

  • Operating hours are 24/7 except on Mondays due to a runway closure commencing at 2215LT until 0645LT
  • This is an airport of entry
  • Aircraft parking is available
  • Fuel is available
  • The crew can rest – Eden Bleu Hotel is being recommended
  • Ground handling equipment such as GPU, ASU, ACU, etc. are available
  • Visas are not required
  • Handling notification is 24 hours before the operation
  • The fire category is 10
  • Customs and Immigration is available on flight schedule

Landing permit requirements

  • Private flights are still required to submit an application for entry into FSIA to the Public Health Authority
  • All flights are subject to the Public Health Authority’s approval
  • The applications for entry must be done for each passenger and private flight crew through the online portal here
  • It is the aircraft operator’s duty to submit the form to the authorities
  • All fields must be completed, and the approval must be received before the Landing Permit Application may be processed
  • Any further requirements will be communicated by the Public Health Authority when the application for entry is submitted

Visitors from the following countries will be granted entry to Seychelles:

  • 奥地利
  • 柬埔寨
  • 加拿大
  • 中国
  • 塞浦路斯
  • 丹麦
  • 埃及
  • 爱沙尼亚
  • 芬兰
  • 德国
  • 冰岛
  • 爱尔兰
  • 意大利
  • 拉脱维亚
  • 立陶宛
  • 马来西亚
  • 毛里求斯
  • 摩纳哥
  • 新西兰
  • 挪威
  • 巴基斯坦
  • 葡萄牙
  • 卡塔尔
  • 新加坡
  • Slovakia
  • 斯洛文尼亚
  • 斯里兰卡
  • 瑞典
  • 瑞士
  • 泰国
  • 阿联酋
  • 越南

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