UASBeWell: Holistic Health In The Workplace
UAS Executive President Mohammed Husary introducing UASBeWell at UAS Middle East headquarters Dubai
UAS Executive President Mohammed Husary introducing UASBeWell at UAS Middle East headquarters Dubai


UASBeWell: Holistic Health in the Workplace

Mohammed Al Husary | - 11/07/2018

UASBeWell: Holistic Health in the Workplace: The importance of employee wellbeing and the creation of an organized culture of holistic health for all our staff saw UAS recently launch a corporate wellness program. UASBeWell has kicked-off the conversation and movement towards better health and wellness for all employees at UAS. The basis of the program is that it encourages and supports employee work-life balance, fitness, positive habits and general, all-round happiness.

When setting up a program like this, the most important consideration is the specific needs of the organization. This can be easily ascertained through consultation or surveys. Then, planning for the various events is facilitated through the appointment of the Chief Wellness Officer. In UAS’ case, this is me, but for other organizations, it could be any employee who assumes the responsibility of communicating and planning the different activities being offered.

Lots of competitions and workshops are encompassed under the UASBeWell Program. The past month has seen us welcome a leading gynecologist/obstetrician for a staff workshop on breast cancer awareness, and we also recently had a similar workshop with a clinical psychologist who had great insight and advice for reducing the stress of modern living. The program also facilitates the introduction of team sporting activities for all employees – with disciplines decided through consultation with the entire staff body.

We believe that healthiness leads to happiness and happy employees bring more energy and enthusiasm for their work. Not only does exercise and wellness keep us fit, balanced, and healthier, it also sharpens minds and performance generally. As well as improving physical and mental health and wellbeing, individuals also boost their engagement and satisfaction levels with their work and increased productivity. Organizations also benefit from increased employee engagement, morale, and HR optimization, as well as boost performance and ROI. So, everyone is a winner.