Importance Of Investing In Education Through Scholarships


Importance of investing in education through scholarships

Mohammed Al Husary | - 02/23/2023
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At the UAS, we take investing in scholarships very seriously. The reasons for this are manifold. It is not only a way to give back to the community, but through scholarships, we believe we play our part in leveling up the aviation industry as a whole.


Here are a few reasons why investing in education through scholarships is important to us.


Drives innovation and progress: By offering scholarships to students pursuing degrees or training in fields relevant to the industry, we are helping to develop the next generation of leaders who can help the industry grow further. This, in turn, can drive progress and push the industry forward.


Promotes diversity and inclusion: Scholarships can help promote diversity and inclusion in the industry by making education and training more accessible to underrepresented groups. This can help bring in new talent and perspectives and create a more dynamic and innovative industry overall.


Addresses skills gaps and shortages: Many industries, including aviation, are facing skills gaps and shortages in certain areas. By investing in education through scholarships, we are helping to address these gaps by developing a skilled workforce that can meet the growing demands of the industry for the coming years.


International Operator Scholarships

Currently, at the UAS, we proudly sponsor a variety of scholarship programs, including the International Operator Scholarships, presented in partnership with NBAA and the International Operators Conference (IOC) Committee. Each year, a select group of applicants interested in furthering their education or career opportunities in the business aviation industry are awarded funds and support to make their dreams come true.


Internships and Mentorship

The UAS is committed to investing in the next generation of aviation professionals, as we believe it is the key to our industry’s long-term success. Since 2015, our internship program provides high school and college students with an unparalleled opportunity to gain real-world experience in dispatch, flight operations, and customer service.


Additionally, through our partnerships with the Dubai Action Project and the Hult Action Project, we have been mentoring students participating in the accelerated Master’s Program at Hult International Business School in Dubai and New York City.


In conclusion, investing in education through scholarships is not only a strategic decision for business aviation companies to attract and retain talent, support workforce development, enhance brand reputation, and foster innovation, but it can also benefit the industry as a whole. By promoting diversity and inclusion, addressing skills gaps and shortages, and driving innovation and progress, scholarships can help build a stronger, more sustainable industry for the future.