3 Principles To Achieve Career Success And Happiness
UAS Co-Owner/Founder and Executive President Mohammed Husary receives a plaque from the Arab Professionals Forum
UAS Co-Owner/Founder and Executive President Mohammed Husary receives a plaque from the Arab Professionals Forum


3 Principles to Achieve Career Success and Happiness

Mohammed Al Husary | - 04/06/2018
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Executive Insight

3 Principles to Achieve Career Success and Happiness: It was my recent pleasure to be invited to be the first Arab professional to present a workshop at Dubai Sports Council as part of the Arab Professional Forum. This new initiative is a collaboration between Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation and LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. I had the opportunity to meet many interesting and innovative individuals during the interactive training session, and to speak about one of my favorite topics: how to achieve success and happiness in your career.

I believe the basic principles for success and happiness in our working lives can be put into three categories: clarity, passion, and commitment. We can define career success to be how quickly someone makes it up the corporate ladder. However, it’s vital to remember that success means more than just making money for a clear majority of professionals. Their primary motivation is to be a pioneer, a creator, and an innovator in their chosen field. This requires clarity of vision: Setting goals with the help of a personal mission statement and following a continuous development plan that monitors progress are essential tools to make this happen. Investing in continuous personal development as well as being in alignment with your organization’s vision and strategy is also crucial.

The second vital principle is passion. Wanting to make an impact means having an unwavering belief in your purpose and mission, and from this comes the internal strength to do whatever is necessary to make it a reality. It is impossible to work long hours with enthusiasm without passion, so we must do things that excite us in order to be successful and happy.

Thomas Edison said, “Genius Is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration”, which leads to the final success principle: hard work. No amount of desire will create your future, an incredible amount of hard graft and perseverance are required.

Finally, as a leader of a successful global organization and someone responsible for setting strategy and motivating employees, I must mention the importance of drivers for high performing businesses. It’s crucial for those in a position of power to engage with their employees and to motivate them as best they can. Every member of our team has a role to play, and hopefully, by exceeding our goals, we can all achieve career success and happiness.

UAS Co-Owner/Founder and Executive President Mohammed Husary with members of the Arab Professionals Forum at Dubai Sports Council