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What Operators Must Know About Eu-LISA Registration  

EU-LISA Postponed Until 2023

The EU-LISA program has been officially postponed until 2023 having previously been due to go live this September. EU-LISA will launch two programs: the Entry/Exit System (EES) and the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS). The EES will likely now begin in May 2023 and the ETIAS will likely come into effect in November 2023 so all stakeholders, airports, authorities, and carriers have more time to sign up.
Who Is Chartering Private Jets In 2022?

Who is Chartering Private Jets in 2022?

The charter landscape has changed significantly post-pandemic with many new customers opting for private flight over commercial due to new priorities. This shift can be seen in the huge demand currently being experienced by operators and manufacturers alike, a demand that began to surge in mid-2021. Previously considered by some to be elitist and prohibitively expensive, the pandemic has demonstrated the numerous benefits of flying private.
Producing Enough SAF To Meet The Projected Demand

Producing Enough SAF to Meet the Projected Demand

It’s almost a year since International Air Transport Association (IATA) member airlines committed to net-zero emissions by 2050. The airlines' commitment wasn’t only because of customer demands, but also due to the demands of investors. The journey to net-zero will be facilitated by a combination of advanced technology, carbon offsetting, new infrastructure, operational efficiencies, and of course, sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). But it’s not only the airline operators’ policies that will make this possible or not.
Infrastructure Investment Opportunities To Support BizAv In Africa

Infrastructure Investment Opportunities to Support BizAv in Africa

Africa’s massive landmass, young population, and natural resources make it one of the most exciting emerging economies on the planet. Opportunities abound throughout the continent for the investment in infrastructure vital to support the future growth of business aviation, which in turn, supports the growth of the wider economy. Here, the UAS Africa team shares its thoughts on investment opportunities in Africa.
Industry And Government Efforts To Deliver Zero Emission Flight

Industry and Government Efforts to Deliver Zero Emission Flight

Affecting change is all about working together—not just within an industry but with external partners. There can be little doubt that a solid industrial strategy is a key to producing real change in how an industry does business and the impact of its practices. It’s vital for the whole government to work in partnership with industry in order to lay out the long-term direction needed to instill new best practices and maintain confidence for ongoing investment.
The Rise Of Green Airports

The Rise of Green Airports

Mention sustainable aviation and most people’s thoughts will go directly to jet fuel and Co2 emissions. However, there are other aspects to the industry’s efforts to become greener and eco-friendly… carbon off-setting being adopted, more sustainable materials being used in manufacturing and design, and advancing technology enabling greater efficiency. In recent times we are also seeing the rise of the green airport… a smart, more streamlined infrastructure that is aimed at helping the environment and the user.   
Operators Enjoy Extra Situational Awareness With UAS Flight Watch

Operators Enjoy Extra Situational Awareness with UAS Flight Watch

Operators are enjoying the extra layer of situational awareness and support delivered through UAS Flight Watch— Flight Watch offers dedicated 24/7 flight monitoring, so an aircraft has support in case any unforeseen issues arise during an operation. UAS’ team highly trained team of licensed aircraft dispatchers and meteorologists will oversee operations through all phases, including pre-flight, on route operations, and post-flight. It successfully navigates routings, weather, delays, and geopolitical activities that may arise during the course of a mission.
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