African Airport Stops During COVID-19


African Airport Stops during COVID-19

Abdul Oricha | - 04/20/2020
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African Airport Stops during COVID-19: Here is a quick guide to technical and overnight stops at African airports during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Country               Airports      T/Stop  N/Stop     
Angola FNLU, FNCA, FNGI, FNMO, FNME Yes Yes Tech stops allowed for crew only

Night stops at specific hotels only.

Benin DBBB Yes No Tech, night and fuel stops permitted

No crew quarantine.

Botswana FBSK, FBMN, FBMN, FBFT Yes No Tech stops for fuel only

No night stops allowed.

Burkina Faso DFFD, DFOO No Yes Medevac, cargo, and repatriation

with special government approval only.

Burundi HBBA No No Medevac, cargo, and repatriation with MOFA approval

Crew cannot leave the airport.

Cape Verde GVAC, GVNP Yes No Tech stops, cargo, medevac, humanitarian flights

are permitted but no night stops.

Cameroon FKKD, FKYS Yes No Permit applications through normal channels, Exempted flights must try to operate from Monday – Friday between 7:00-19:00UTC
Central African Republic (CAR) FEFF Yes No Airport open from 0600 – 1600Z.
Chad FTTJ, FTTC No No Medevac, cargo, and essential flights with MOFA

approval only.

Comoros FMCH No No Cargo flights  with government approval.
DRC FZAA, FZNA, FZQA, FZIC No No Cargo, medevac, repatriation with

Special government approval only

Handler to be given 48hrs notice.

Republic of Congo FCBB, FCPP, FCOO Yes No Cargo, medevac, repatriation with

government approval only

Handler to be notified.

Cote d’Ivoire DIAP Yes Yes International flights resumed on July 1.
Djibouti HDAM Yes No Strict permission processes underway.
Equatorial Guinea FGSL, FGBT No No Cargo, Medevac, humanitarian allowed

No night stops and a 15-day quarantine

for anyone who disembarks. 

Eritrea HHAS, HHSB, HHMS No No Cargo, Medevac, humanitarian allowed

Make permit request as early as possible. 

Eswatini FDSK No No  —
Ethiopia HAAB, HADR Yes Yes Tech stops permitted with 1 hour ground time

night stops permitted for cargo, medevacs,

humanitarian with special government approval.

Diplomatic flights quarantine at specified hotels.

Gabon FOOL No No Cargo, medevacs, humanitarian flights

Night stops with special approval only. 

Gambia GBYD Yes No Medical, cargo, special flights only

Permit prior to arrival is required. 

Ghana DGAA Yes No Cargo, medevac, humanitarian flights allowed

with special approval only.

Guinea Conackry GUCY Yes No Permit through the CAA

Ministry of Transport approval is required.

Guinea-Bissau GGOV Yes No Aircraft in distress, humanitarian, cargo,

tech stops without disembarkation, security-related

flights, rescue missions are allowed.

Kenya HKMO, HKJK, HKNW, HKEL Yes Yes Cargo, medevac, humanitarian flights

subject to KCAA and government approval

Night stop crew will be quarantined in a

designated hotel.

Lesotho FXMM No No
Liberia GLRB Yes No Cargo, medevac, ferry and tech stops

Crew must remain on board during transit.

Madagascar FMMI No No Cargo flights are allowed 

Crew must stay airside. 

Malawi FWCL,FWKI Yes No Cargo flights and tech stops onlyNight stops not allowed.
Mali GABS, GAGO Yes No Crew must stay in aircraft during transit.
Mauritania GQNO, GQPP Yes No Permit requests should be sent on time to the CAA

as final approval must come from Transport Ministry.

Mauritius FWCL,FWKI No Yes Cargo only no tech stops allowed.  
Mayotte FMCZ Yes No Airport open from 0600Z-1400Z. All operations

through government approval.

Mozambique FQMA, FQNC, FQBR, FQNP Yes Yes Tech stops and night stopped allowed.
Namibia FYWE, FYWH Yes Yes Apply through the Ministry of Health

for clearance Crew may disembark

but must quarantine for 14 days.

Niger DRRN Yes No Night stops for cargo, medevac, ferry flights

with special approval

Radison Blu is designated for crew rest.

Nigeria DNMM, DNAA, DNKN Yes No Permit approval subject to the Ministrywith no guarantees. 
Re-Union Islands FMEE, FMEP No No
Rwanda HRYR Yes Yes Airport is open to GA, aircraft in states of emergency, cargo, tech, medevac, repatriation, and charter or private flights.
Sao Tome and Principe FPST No No Cargo and medevac only

with special approval. 

Senegal GOBD, GOSS Yes Yes Permits must be obtained through MOFA

Copies must be sent for coordination with police.

Seychelles FSIA Yes Yes Crew for night stop must pass basic screening

Only nationals and permanent residents can enter.

Sierra Leone GFLL Yes No Tech stops and medevacs permitted

Quick turnaround is vital. 

Somalia HCMM Yes No Tech stops allowed with no embarkation or


Government approval required 72 hours prior.

Somaliland HCMH Yes No Tech stops allowed with no embarkation or


Government approval required 72 hours prior.

South Africa FAOR, FALE, FACT Yes Yes Medevac, cargo, repatriation flights only

with special approvals

Crew can stay at designated hotels only.

St. Helena / Ascencion FHSH No No
Tanzania HTDA, HTZA, HTKJ Yes Yes Flight restrictions have been lifted.
Togo DXXX No No Evacuation, cargo, technical stops, and special

flights require special authorization 

Disembarkation of passengers is prohibited.

Uganda HUEN Yes Yes Night stops are allowed for medevac, cargo,

and humanitarian flights allowed

Expect a strict permit process.

Transport of human remains in is suspended.

Zambia FLKK Yes Yes Night stops are allowed for Medevac flights and

diplomatically cleared flights only

Crew will undergo quarantine for their rest

for a max of 3 days.

Zimbabwe FVJN, FVRG, FVFA No No Tech or night stops are not allowed.

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