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Vision, Mission and Values

UAS Vision

A key goal of UAS is to be a recognized thought-leader in aviation services and a pioneer in providing quality worldwide trip planning and trip support services. As a trustworthy and reliable partner for clients and vendors alike, UAS aims to be the preferred choice for all business aviation needs.

UAS Mission

UAS endeavors to maintain its sustained growth and reputation for being the leading premium international trip support provider. We will continue to guarantee unrivalled access to remote and challenging stations across the globe, deliver service on extremely short notice and assure excellence no matter the aircraft, destination, or client need.

UAS Values

UAS seeks to create a business culture of high ethical standards and commitment to compliance services, not only within our organization, but throughout our supply chain. UAS distinguishes five major principles that represent the ethical pillars that support our operations:

  • Integrity and Fair Competition
    UAS will conduct its business with integrity, honesty and fair dealings in our relationships with clients, suppliers, handlers and all third parties and stakeholders. UAS believes in fair and professional competition and will not take part in any practices of monopoly or unprofessional competitive tactics.
  • Professional Competence and Due Care
    All UAS employees maintain professional knowledge and skill at the level required to ensure that clients and partners receive the utmost level of competence in the performance of UAS services. Professional competence is upheld through our range of services and our serviceable stations across the globe.
  • Confidentiality
    Due to the sensitive nature of our business environment, UAS maintains privacy and confidentiality to the highest regard. UAS is committed to ensuring the highest degree of privacy and confidentiality with the protection of all personal and commercial information received by our clients, suppliers, handlers and support agents.
  • Compliance
    UAS urges all clients, suppliers, handlers and support agents that conduct business with UAS to do so in a legal, professional and ethical manner, not only within its business relations with UAS but with consideration to the well-being of society at large. Furthermore UAS is committed to full compliance with laws and regulations of International Business Standards including the United States compliance standards. UAS is committed to ensuring quality and safety in its service delivery, processes and supply chain. We utilize an integrated quality and safety approach to define, measure and continuously improve quality and safety standards in our operations and that of our partners.