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Conakry International Airport GUCY


Conakry International Airport GUCY

Sylvester Esekhaigbe | - 12/04/2018
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Conakry International Airport GUCY: Conakry International Airport, also known as Gbessia International Airport, is located in Conakry – the capital of the Republic of Guinea in West Africa.

Serves: Conakry Country: Guinea
Elevation:  72ft/22m Coordinates: 09°34′36.80″N  13°36′43.06″W
Airport type: International Tower frequency: 118.7
Ground frequency: 129.1 Number of runways: 2
Timezone: UTC Fire category: CAT 8
Surface: Asphalt AOE: Yes

On the Ground

  • Longest runway: 3300 x 45 meters
  • PCN: 73/F/B/W/T
  • Equipment available: All equipment is available here
  • Navaid: Yes
  • Type of A/C handled: Up to B747
  • Terminal capacity: 1,500,000 annually
  • Cargo capacity: 35,000 mt annually
  • Fuel types: Jet A-1
  • There is no FBO at this airport
  • The airport is approximately km from the city

Operational Information 

  • Typical lead time for permit approval is 48 hours
  • PPR is not required
  • Slots are not required
  • Alternate airports: GBYD, GFLL, GOBD

Contact numbers

  • Police: +224 657 765 370
  • Fire: +224 656999018
  • Customs: +224 664280017 / 622593779
  • Airport authority: +224 656999016 / 622907257

Tourist Information

  • Immigration rules that all global visitors crew must present a visa and valid passport
  • The crew must be in uniform and have a passport, visa, and be on the Gendec
  • Ground transport includes car rentals, buses, hotel shuttles, and non-metred taxis (negotiate the price before entering – typical fare to city centre is 10,000 – 20,000 FG)
  • Accommodation available at Noom Hotel, Sheraton Grand, and Palm Camayenne
  • Currency is Guinean Francs

Tourist Attractions

For more information, visit the airport’s official site here 

For support with your flight operations to Conakry International Airport GUCY, contact UAS 

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