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I/we hereby certify that all statements made are true and complete, are submitted for the purpose of obtaining credit, and that uas international trip support llc may rely on them for such determination. I/we authorize uas international trip support llc to obtain such information as may be required concerning the statements made in this application, and agree that the application shall remain the property of uas international trip support llc regardless of credit decision. Uas international trip support llc may require the personal guarantee(s) of the appropriate corporate officer(s) or principals of the entity requesting credit, a credit card guarantee, a bank letter of credit, and/or an operating deposit. Uas international trip support llc is authorized to answer questions from relevant third parties pertaining only to this credit application and to make a credit decision. I/we certify that i/we have the appropriate authority to request credit and to enter into this arrangement. I/we also understand that there is no obligation to purchase services or products from uas international trip support llc, regardless of credit decision. Should you be approved for credit and you do not make payments on time as per uas terms and conditions, you hereby authorize uas to charge the full amount, including late fees and penalties to the credit card. I/we authorize uas international trip support llc to charge our our credit card when pre-payment is required.

By signing below, i/we hereby certify that all information provided is true and correct and we consent to the terms listed herein. I/we also understand that all business between ourselves and uas international trip support llc will be governed by a signed agreement and uas international trip support llc’s standard terms and conditions. Signing this application is your consent to obtain a consumer credit report, perform other checks and searches, and to contact your bank and trade references to evaluate your credit in connection with this application.