Flying To Mexico


Flying to Mexico

Henry Duke LeDuc | - 06/16/2020
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Flying to Mexico: Although Mexico is exercising caution to prevent the spread of COVID-19 it is moving quickly to return to a state of normal operations. The country expects to be largely open for business by late June. Here are the details.

Flight restrictions

  • No major restrictions for most flights
  • Travel to and from Mexico from the US is minimally affected with few limitations
  • Hotels have been a limiting factor since many have been closed due to the pandemic


Both private non-revenue and non-scheduled commercial will still require a landing permit. Standard documentation, complete itinerary, and manifest details will be required.

Entry restrictions

No restriction for certain nationalities in place due to COVID-19.

Health screening procedures

  • For arriving visitors, COVID-19 temperatures will be taken with a temporal thermometer
  • Testing will be performed on arrival to accompany a health form that must be completed by both passengers and crew and presented before health officials
  • A copy of the form is available and may be completed in advance of departure


There are no quarantine requirements for crew and passengers traveling to Mexico.

Airports accepting international flights

  • All previously designated airports of entry are still available for operations
  • A number of airports have temporarily reduced their operating hours due to staff shortages and reduced traffic levels
  • Special arrangements may be available on a case-by-case basis

Domestic flights

Domestic operations are not restricted at this time.

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For support with your flight operations to Mexico, contact UAS Americas