G20 2019 Japan


G20 2019 Japan

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G20 2019 Japan: This year’s G20 summit gets underway from June 28-29 in Osaka, Japan. The main airport for aircraft traveling to this event is Kansai International Airport. Here’s what operators need to know…

Kansai International Airport 
  • Coordinates: 34°26′03″N 135°13′58″E
  • Elevation: 5m (17 ft)
  • Fuel type: Jet A1
  • Time zone: UTC +9
Operational Information
  • Private flights don’t require overflight permits if they follow the airway designated by CAA
  • Private flights don’t require landing permits if the aircraft is registered in a contracting state of ICAO and flies along the airway designated by CAA
  • Unscheduled commercial flights don’t require overflight permits if the follow the airway designated by CAA
  • Unscheduled commercial flights require landing permits for traffic stops
  • Permit lead time is officially 10 days (3 days with UAS)
  • During the G20 period, no GA aircraft can operate into RJBB except G20 related aircraft and scheduled flights
  • Airports nearby such as RJGG may be also used alternatively and for overnight parking


From June 25, 1500Z until June 30 1500Z, all aircraft operating RJBB are not allowed to remain for parking EXCEPT:

  • Scheduled flights
  • Passengers are participants in the G20
  • Emergency or Ambulance flights
  • Aircraft with prior special permission
G20 Summit

Officially named the Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy, the G20 sees leaders from 19 countries and the EU (20 leaders in total) come together to discuss global socio-economic issues. The 19 countries are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Republic of Korea, Republic of South Africa, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

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