Hidden Gems: The Bahamas  


Hidden Gems: The Bahamas  

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With its exquisite beaches, incredible marine life, and colorful cultural heritage, The Bahamas is a timely addition to our Hidden Gems destination list.   

Almost proving to be the definition of an ‘island paradise’, the Bahamas is an archipelago of nearly 700 coral islands, cays, and inlets with more than 2,000 beaches.  

Although it is considered part of the Caribbean, it’s not actually in the Caribbean but in the West Atlantic Ocean. The islands are famed for their exquisite ivory beaches and clear waters densely inhabited with marine life like seahorses, turtles, and stingrays.  

The Bahamas has a vibrant, rich culture as seen in its cities, notably its capital Nassau. Offering up some unique and fascinating adventures, visitors adore the Bahamas for its underwater shipwrecks, dolphin dives, birdwatching, fishing, sailing, and mouth-watering fresh seafood.  

“The Bahamas has famously been described as ‘the most beautiful place from space’ by astronaut Scott Kelly because of its pristine white sands and turquoise and azure waters.”  

The location  

Located in the northwestern West Indies, The Bahamas is 100 kilometers south-east of Florida in the United States and 80 kilometers north-east of Cuba. 

The people  

The Bahamas has a distinct culture which has evolved over generations. It is an amalgam of its strong African roots combined with British and some American influences. 

Numbering just over 400,000 Bahamians are colorful, good humored, friendly, easy-going, and hospitable.  

The Bahamas official languages are English and Creole.  

The climate 

Enjoying a wonderfully warm climate, the Bahamas temperatures are consistently mild throughout the year. The average temperature varies from about 21 °C (low 70s F) during the winter to about 27 °C (low 80s F) in the summer months.  

The summer months experience rainfall and some wind which relieves the humidity. Hurricanes are a possibility from June to November. 


The Bahamas is a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean, particularly for families and honeymooners. Whether you’re looking for wild tropical beaches, bustling cities, or luxurious remote resorts, the Bahamas has it all to offer.  

What to see in The Bahamas 

  • The Exuma pigs 
  • Blue Lagoon Island 
  • Pink Sands Beach 
  • Sandy Point  
  • Queen’s Staircase  
  • Pirates of Nassau Museum  
  • Mount Alvernia Hermitage 
  • Garden of the Groves 

Best time to visit The Bahamas 

From November to April, (winter through spring). the islands experience sunshine, beautiful warm temperatures and little rain. With average temperatures of around 24°C (75°F), this is an ideal time to make the most of the spectacular scenery and amenities it has to offer.  

Visitors interested in experiencing true Bahamian culture may wish to visit during the Junkanoo Festival, the vibrant annual cultural event that the Bahamas is famous for. It is held on December 26 and New Year’s Day and attracts visitors from all over the world.  

What makes The Bahamas unique 

The Bahamas has the world’s largest underwater cave systems, the world’s third-largest barrier reef, and a number of long-forgotten shipwrecks.  

Flying private to The Bahamas 

Chartering a private jet allows you to begin your holiday before leaving home as well as enjoy a truly peaceful and relaxed Bahamas travel experience at your own pace.  

Entry airport 

Lynden Pindling International Airport  (formerly known as Nassau International Airport) 

  • IATA code: NAS 
  • ICAO code: MYNN 
  • Coordinates: 25.0443° N, 77.3504° W 
  • Elevation: 7m  

Operational information 

  • Landing permits (Part 135) are required  
  • Lead time for permit approval is 48 hours  
  • Overflight permits not required  
  • Slots are not available  
  • Parking is available  
  • Both Jet A1 and AGVAS are available  
  • Parking available depends on the request  
  • There is an FBO  
  • Airport operating hours is 24/7 

This is the largest airport in the Bahamas and the largest international gateway into the country. 

Commercial flights 

The country’s 20 international airports regularly welcome scheduled flights from around the major gateways in neighboring countries, North America, and Europe.  


Health screening 

There are no health screening requirements or COVID-19 restrictions. 

Visitor tips 

  • The local currency is the Bahamian dollar which is equivalent in value to the U.S. Dollar (which is also accepted)  
  • The roads in the Bahamas follow a right-hand drive system 
  • Hospitality personnel expect to be tipped in the Bahamas; the rate is generally 15%  
  • Visitors are advised to be exercise caution and be aware of their personal safety and that of their belongings and to avoid non-touristy areas during their visit  
  • You may need to pack a sweater for the cooler evenings from December to February 

To create your ultimate The Bahamas travel experience, contact UAS Charter or UAS Executive Travel. 

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