O.R. Tambo International Airport FAOR


O.R. Tambo International Airport FAOR

Anton Van Rooyen | - 08/21/2018
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O.R. Tambo International Airport FAOR: Also known as Johannesburg International, O.R. Tambo is Africa’s largest and busiest airport. Accommodating over 20 million passengers per year, the airport is located 23 km north-west of Johannesburg city center and 46 km south of Pretoria city center. 

Cities: Johannesburg Country: South Africa
Runways: 2 PPR:  No 
Coordinates: S26-08.0 / E028-14.5 Elevation: 5558 ft / 1694 m
Timezone: UTC +2 Fire category: 10
Tower frequency: 118.6 Opening hours: 24/7 
Fuel types: Jet A1 Ground frequency: 118.6
On the Ground 
  • Runway lengths: 03L/21R 14495 ft x 200 ft (4418 m x 61 m) and 03R/21L 11155 ft x 197 ft (3400 m x 60 m)
  • Number of aircraft handled: 40 per hour
  • Navaid, FBO, and all types of equipment are available
  • Alternative airports: FALA / FACT / FAPN
Operational Information 
  • Slots are required –  must be obtained through an agent
  • Lead time for permit approval is between 2-7 days depending on permit type
  • Crew can enter on GenDec for seven days
Contact Numbers
  • Police: 112 / 10111 / +27115715136
  • Fire: 112
  • Airport authority: +27117231400
  • Customs: +27117013989
  • AIS: +27117231400
  • Uber and metered taxis are widely available at the airport
  • OR Tambo is located about a 20-minute drive from the central business district
Tourist Attractions

For more information on South African immigration and other considerations, see: 


For support with your flight operations to O.R. Tambo, contact UAS