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UAS International Trip Support believes strongly in giving back to both the aviation community and the local communities in which we serve. We also believe in supporting programs that contribute to those involved in our industry in meaningful ways.

That staggering statistic inspired UAS Senior Management to partner with the not-for-profit Orbis. This fantastic charity is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of the causes of avoidable blindness.

We are proud to be Orbis’s corporate sponsor.

Orbis, our global charity partner

Founded in 1982, Orbis is the result of a unique and lasting alliance between the medical and aviation industries. It is an international charity dedicated to preserving and restoring people’s sight in communities all over the world. To date, Orbis has provided eye care treatment to over 23 million people and helped enhance the skills of over 325,000 healthcare personnel in 92 countries.

Orbis’ Flying Eye Hospital looks like a normal plane on the outside, but inside it hosts an ophthalmic hospital and a fully-equipped teaching facility. It was conceived when Orbis pioneers wanted to combat the inability of many students from developing countries to travel in order to study. The mobile teaching hospital became a place where international doctors trained in the latest ophthalmic techniques, including pediatric ophthalmology, could bring their surgical knowledge and skills to doctors in developing countries through hands-on training and lectures.

This amazing facility also enables Orbis to run programs in developing countries, many of which focus on the treatment and prevention of childhood blindness, cataract, trachoma and corneal disease.

If you wish to make a charitable donation to Orbis and help continue this incredible work, please click the Donate button on this webpage now.