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The Four Founders of UAS Celebrate Charter Management of the Dream Jet

DATE: Nov-22-2017
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Dubai: November 22, 2017: The Four Founders of UAS Celebrate Charter Management of the Dream Jet

It’s Dubai Air Show 2017 and international delegates are busily greeting each other and discussing the latest industry news. When the chat turns to charter, there is one aircraft that is dominating the conversation. Distinguishing itself in the static display is the world’s only VVIP-configured B787, commonly referred to as the ‘Dream Jet’. Clearly the jewel in the crown of the charter offerings being showcased, it hosted private viewings by invitation only, welcoming a number of dignitaries and high-profilers facilitated through UAS Air Charter – the global sales agent for the one-of-a-kind aircraft.

When, in 2000, four businessmen and aviation lovers came together with the dynamic vision of creating a company that would transform the industry, no one could have predicted that a mere 17 years later they would not only be leading a world-leading trip support company, but that the charter wing – UAS Air Charter – would be responsible for the most sophisticated and technologically advanced aircraft on the planet.

The four visionaries were Mohammed Husary, Omar Hosari, Mike Mamoun Milli, and Mohsen Felo. All entrepreneurs with fearless pioneering spirits. Taking a step into the unknown, they began to anticipate the aviation industry’s constantly changing demands and offer tailored aviation solutions to places to traditionally inaccessible locations no one had serviced before. And its offerings were welcomed, so much so that the first 15 years of the company oversaw a period of tremendous global expansion.

When, in 2016, UAS concluded its partnership with leading Asian operator Deer Jet, it became the exclusive flight support partner for the impressive fleet of 90 aircraft. And among this varied fleet is the world’s first and only VVIP configured B787, the aircraft that symbolizes UAS’ own strategic goals to completely revolutionize international business flight and user experience. UAS’ founders were happy to celebrate this fantastic achievement, and are confident that the coming years will see even more awesome milestones realized.