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Air Charter Services


UAS organizes your private jet charter flights with special consideration to your safety and confidentiality. All of our clients are dealt with on a discreet basis with non-disclosure as a pillar in our corporate culture. Our unprecedented ability to access your required luxury aircraft at short notice enables us to service clients who are occupationally unique - entertainers, athletes, celebrities, heads of state – those who are on tight schedules and travel in style. With new and advanced technologies in aircraft performance and comfort, we charter a range of 'next generation' aircraft, complemented with a suite of VIP charter solutions including:

  • VIP lounge on arrival and departure
  • VIP quality catering
  • VIP security services
  • Luxury limousine services upon arrival
  • Customized food and beverage selection
  • VIP concierge services.

Business Jet

UAS can offer passenger airliners of all sizes that are ideal for group jet charter. A designated account manager will arrange customized services to enhance your group charter experience. They can cover an array of services including personalized catering needs, branding options, full security and close protection services, check-in arrangements and customs clearings, as well as accommodation and onward transportation. UAS group air charter is suitable for a number of occasions such as:

  • Football team charter
  • International sporting events
  • Conference and incentive travel
  • Government and diplomatic affairs
  • Music tour charters
  • Tour operator charters
  • Airline to airline sub-charters

Air Ambulance

IIn the event of a critical emergency of you or your loved ones, you have the resources to get to the best patient care facilities in the world as quickly as possible. Modern private jets furnished with the most advanced medical equipment in the world, qualified nurses and doctors who are devoted to the patient, and flight crews safely piloting the aircraft is what our clients deserve and have come to expect.

UAS is well positioned to provide emergency evacuation and MEDEVAC aircraft for the Middle-East, Africa, Asia and Europe. Our solid contacts with national carriers and air ambulance operators give us the advantage of obtaining an aircraft at any time in case of an emergency. We can provide MEDEVAC services for an individual or a group of people.

Our dedicated Flight Support Team will handle all of the logistics such as ambulance transportation to and from the facilities and aircraft or helicopter, arranging experienced medical personal in-flight and communicating to all parties, which is highly important in high stress situations. We have the knowledge and experience to make this all come together within hours of notice so you can focus your attention on those that matter most in these situations. Our team is on 24/7 standby.


UAS luxury helicopter charter service transports passengers in style; landing or taking-off from city centre helipads, private estates, hotels and remote or otherwise inaccessible areas. Valued clients who utilize our helicopter charter services, including royal families, business leaders and global executives, are able to save time, increase their productivity and land or take off close to any meeting venues. We also charter helicopters as a convenient way of travelling to major social and sporting events as well as leisure trips. Our portfolio of luxury helicopters come with vital features:

  • VIP and executive helicopter transportation that feature low internal noise and vibration level
  • Helicopters with the highest safety record, performance and reliability
  • Luxury helicopters authorized to fly at night and in poor weather conditions
  • Pilots who meet strict experience, qualification and training requirements.

Commercial Aircraft

UAS offer a variety of commercial charter solutions and gives you the reliability, the service and the value you demand wherever and whenever you need to fly. Our unrivalled experience in the aviation industry, our established global presence and our expert in-house support team work together 24/7 to deliver on your promise. Hiring a commercial jet for 20 passengers or more gives you the flexibility and access to airports not serviced by scheduled services. There are also endless branding opportunities to increase the success of your event or program..