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Getting the Most for Your Fuel Dollars

You want the most economic and convenient solutions for your fuel needs- no matter the location, and we can meet this need. As a strategic partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for fuel services and EPIC Aviation in North America, we provide the highest standards in global fuel management. You benefit from the price advantages gained through economies of scale in high-volume fuel procurement and you can depend on quick responses to queries about fuel availability and prices worldwide. Our expert global procurement teams can also advise you on VAT, helping you to minimize your costs and avoid complications through better taxation management.

  • VAT and taxation savings
  • Centralized fuel procurement with direct contact to suppliers
  • Large-scale fuel tenders that put downward pressure on cost
  • Global credit facility allowing you to be invoiced after your flight
  • Priority in fuel shortage scenario
  • Benchmarking of fuel costs and assessment of market trends
  • Monitoring of supplier performance
  • Fuel quality control measures
  • Jet A-1 fuel and AVGAS supply