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Overflight and Landing Permits

Time, Our Gift to You

You want the time-saving benefits of a smooth and rapid transition over countries and continents. You also need to be confident that no matter how complicated the scenario or mission becomes, you can rely on a team that will respond to your demands with promptness and ease. Our in-house, dedicated Operations Teams based in Houston, Hong Kong and Dubai are experts in complex international aviation regulations. This sees you benefit from a wealth of up-to-the-minute local knowledge and insight from all over the globe.

We are experienced in dealing with complicated scenarios such as:

  • Operating to non AOE
  • Out of hours operations
  • Non-objection process for traffic rights
  • Foreign Operator Certification (FOC)
Certifications to conduct air surveys on behalf of governmental agencies and private entities assist US operations to obtain route authorizations, BOE (Border Over Flight Exemptions), TSA (Transport Security Administration) fleet and annual and single international waivers.

We maintain strong relationships with over 150 civil aviation regulatory authorities and governmental agencies worldwide. This enables us to secure essential permits in the shortest timeframe possible and we will also settle CAA charges on your behalf.
  • Short notice permits
  • Diplomatic permits
  • Military and civilian clearances
  • PPR
  • Slot (Seasonal and Ad-Hoc) obtaining and managing
  • Traffic rights
  • Landing rights