African Business Aviation Climbing To New Heights


African Business Aviation Climbing to New Heights

Mohammed Al Husary | - 12/03/2021
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It’s an exciting time for business aviation in Africa as the continent has a new appreciation for BA as an essential industry.

There is no doubt that the benefits of business aviation have been acutely highlighted over the past two years. During pandemic conditions, it was BA that kept the world moving. And this was extremely pronounced across Africa where BA’s efficiency and flexibility allowed movement and became the lifeline of the continent. Throughout the harshest travel restrictions that the world has ever experienced, the agility of BA ensured people were repatriated, vital supplies got to their destinations, and governmental, conservational, and humanitarian functions could continue.

Now that African commercial aviation is building momentum again, one may have thought that BA would take a hit, but that’s not what we’re seeing. In fact, post-pandemic demand is surging. This isn’t only because of BA’s agility, flexibility, and health and safety benefits, but also because of the peerless connectivity it provides. And in a continent as vast and diverse as Africa, this is the most important benefit BA can bring.

UAS has always viewed Africa as an exciting market bursting with potential. In recent years, the continent has made giant strides in terms of infrastructure and economic development. In many countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, and Senegal, road networks and new airport infrastructures are being put in place comparable to the best and largest in the world. The foundations are being laid to support future economic development.

We opened our Africa headquarters in Johannesburg in 2014 and quickly opened offices in Nairobi and Lagos. Because of the dynamism of African and the huge range of cultures, languages, and regulations, we also invested in our ground network of station managers spread across 13 countries; our people are local aviation experts who speak the language in more ways than one. They are the backbone of our Africa operations and are providing outstanding support to our clients traversing the continent.

BA in Africa is about to have its day, and we’re ready.

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