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Hurricane Ian Operations Advice For Central Florida

Hurricane Ian Operations Advice for Central Florida

Since making landfall as a Category 3 storm in Cuba on Tuesday, Hurricane Ian is likely to be the fifth hardest hurricane to hit the US as it almost reached a Category 5 storm with winds at 150 mph.  Historically, only four Category 5 storms have made landfall in the U.S. with maximum sustained winds greater than 155 mph. Heavy, potentially flooding rain is expected to affect central Florida, southern Georgia, North Carolina, and the South Carolina coast with new tropical storm warnings issued for North and South Carolina.
African ATC Strike To Begin September 23

African ATC Strike to Begin September 23

A mega strike across several African countries covered by ASECNA— the Agency for Aerial Navigation Safety in Africa and Madagascar— will take place from September 23 at 0800 LT.  The strike will impact FIRs of FMMM/Antananarivo, FCCC/Brazzaville, GOOO/Dakar Oceanic, and Terrestrial, DRRR/Niamey, and FTTT/N'Djamena; and the airspace of Togo and Benin until September 25.
What Operators Must Know About Eu-LISA Registration  

EU-LISA Postponed Until 2023

The EU-LISA program has been officially postponed until 2023 having previously been due to go live this September. EU-LISA will launch two programs: the Entry/Exit System (EES) and the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS). The EES will likely now begin in May 2023 and the ETIAS will likely come into effect in November 2023 so all stakeholders, airports, authorities, and carriers have more time to sign up.
Infrastructure Investment Opportunities To Support BizAv In Africa

Infrastructure Investment Opportunities to Support BizAv in Africa

Africa’s massive landmass, young population, and natural resources make it one of the most exciting emerging economies on the planet. Opportunities abound throughout the continent for the investment in infrastructure vital to support the future growth of business aviation, which in turn, supports the growth of the wider economy. Here, the UAS Africa team shares its thoughts on investment opportunities in Africa.
Operators Enjoy Extra Situational Awareness With UAS Flight Watch

Operators Enjoy Extra Situational Awareness with UAS Flight Watch

Operators are enjoying the extra layer of situational awareness and support delivered through UAS Flight Watch— Flight Watch offers dedicated 24/7 flight monitoring, so an aircraft has support in case any unforeseen issues arise during an operation. UAS’ team highly trained team of licensed aircraft dispatchers and meteorologists will oversee operations through all phases, including pre-flight, on route operations, and post-flight. It successfully navigates routings, weather, delays, and geopolitical activities that may arise during the course of a mission.
What Operators Must Know About Eu-LISA Registration  

Exemptions to eu-LISA

The eu-LISA IT system is going live this September for all operators organizing missions to Europe. Privately operated aircraft, owned by a private individual or organization, conducting non-commercial flights under NCC/NCO rules are not required to comply with EES and ETIAS requirements, even in the cases with professional paid crew members.
Bahamas Postpones Click2Clear Program For Private Flights

Bahamas Postpones Click2Clear Program for Private Flights

The Click2Clear customs entry and departure program for private flights in the Bahamas has been postponed.Click2Clear was due to be implemented for charter aviation on May 30, but Bahamas authorities have announced that they will delay the rollout of the program in order to take care of some technical issues and ensure the online process is as easily understandable as possible.
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